All the Information You Need to Make Your Best Choices

Feb 24 '18 PM.jpg

I let Sage do pretty much all of the 'talking' on Tuesday. They described what's happening now on the planet and with each of us, and why. 

In the new spring program, they go into these changes in much more detail with precision and both historical and futuristic perspectives.


CHANGE IS HAPPENING. There's no denying it. We have come to a place in our evolution as humans and as a planet where there is a deliberate fork in the road.

  • You have to make a choice in order to keep moving, but what ARE the choices?
  • What happens if you make them?
  • Where will you wind up?
  • Where will the planet wind up?


In the new 8-week MEGA-PROGRAM - 're•FORM•ing' - Sage takes us all through the fork in the road - because unless you know what you're getting into, how can you make a choice?


Right now we're all being presented with multiple choices. We have the right to understand our options, and the energy and power to activate them.

Are YOU ready to know what lies ahead?

Join me on March 5th for a spring reawakening like never before. I promise you it will blow your mind.