All That You Are - And How To Live It!

Are you feeling the energy of today's New Moon Eclipse deep inside? It's likely front and centre in your emotions. THIS is the PRIME opportunity to harness that energy and be proactive.

The time is NOW to OPEN up and begin claiming ALL THAT YOU ARE.

But what the heck does that mean?

To me that phrase used to sound SOO esoteric. I 'thought' I understood it but I was far from living it as my reality.

Now, as the world appears to be coming apart in order to come together more cohesively, more inclusive of all, our individual identity has never been more in question.

NOW is the time to ask yourself - "WHO AM I?" - because once THAT'S established, you have a position, a place to begin from, a centre to expand from.

Sage has outlined a program - a focus really - to answer the question of, 'Who Am I?'

Over a 4 week period, Sage will explore and clarify ALL THAT YOU ARE - with you!

They begin with 'A Little History' - their message that speaks to this being "a time of great identity on your planet".

Then then build up the momentum with their second message - 'Pre-Birth Choices' where they address "the wheel of life" and all that it holds FOR YOU.

In their third message Sage speaks to 'The Story of You' telling you "who you were before you were born". That perspective changes everything!

They add further messaging in 'Your Beliefs As You Move Forward' speaking on your need to individuate with responsibility. (There's always at least one message in every program that really nails it for me. This message was the game-changer for me in this program.)

Sage's fifth message is the bold titled, 'Global Citizen' and starts the process of claiming ALL THAT YOU ARE.

In the sixth message - 'The Greater Self' - Sage continues with deeper understandings of "the direction your planet is going in". Must-have information.

The final week of the program begins with 'You Are Soul' and proclaims that "Today is Transcendence Day". Extraordinary.

The final message in this focused program confirms what you intellectually know, and then takes it to the next level in 'You Are A Love-Being'. It reminds you - yes reminds you - of your promises and commitments and intentions in VERY SPECIFIC WAYS.

This is NOT esoteric teaching. This is practical and integrative and whole.

Whether you are brand new to spiritual and channelled information, or already educating yourself with newfound spiritual principles, 'Who Am I?' will expand your limited beliefs and patterns around your identity and sense of self.

Do you see yourself here? I do.