A Match Made In Heaven: Let Me Introduce You

When I first began taking people to the Afterlife, it was exactly that. I TOOK them. I GUIDED them. I didn't journey WITH them. It was the early '90's and I was just getting my bearings on how it all worked.

In 1995 Sage made their formal appearance in my life. Over the next 17 years I was groomed to journey WITH those into the Afterlife. It was such a subtle long-term evolution that I can't put my finger on any other distinguishable details until....2012, when my 22 year old son Connor went off grid. As I have written about in my memoir, Conduit, the journey Connor took to the Afterlife changed everything for both of us.

In the last 1,696 days, Connor 2.0 (the upgraded version) journeys WITH me now as a dragonfly. In the words of Sage, "Physical reality limits your ability to be pure light, Jonni, but Connor will be your dragonfly, if you will, and take you by the hand, and fly you to all information in a very fine, fine vibration of non-emotional energy."

Nowadays we fly together to the Afterlife, and it continues to change THIS life for me on a daily basis - so much so that it was time to offer the Journey To The Afterlife for others as well.

You see I HAVEN'T had a near-death experience, yet my journeys to the Afterlife have gifted me with the benefits of one. So I'm passing on the opportunity for YOU to journey as well.

The more we journey, the more it ENHANCES how we see and do life. I couldn't imagine living any other way.

'You Don't Have To Have A Near-Death Experience To Gain The Life-Changing Benefits: Journey To The Afterlife - The Ultimate Experience' begins Monday, March 13th and runs through April 5th.

It's a 4-week journey to the Afterlife that will prepare you, tell you what to bring, travel with you to your destination, and arrive with you at the Afterlife.