A Gift From Jonni+Sage

Dec 23 '17 PM - facebook.jpg

Things are feeling intense. Know what I mean? It's the energetics. And that's coupled with social and family obligations and experiences.

Don't let it get to you. SLOW DOWN. BREATHE. PAUSE.

If you want a little help in this, here's a simple yet meaningful exercise from Sage to help you move into the state of alignment you want to be in.

It can make all the difference.

"We are asking you to be more present than you have ever been at this time, for your mind is understandably stirred up. Your emotions are stirred up. Your body is out of its normal routines and care.

To bring these aspects of yourself into the balanced alignment, feel yourself bringing your focus up from the soles of your feet, up through your legs. Pull your body up as though pulling on a pair of stockings, leggings, socks, tight pants, until it is full body wear through your base, snug and comfortable, tight and cozy around your middle and along your back.

Allow yourself to feel supported in the back and in the front for the comfort and soothing your back and front - your past and future, incoming and outgoing needs.

Pull this feeling up over your arms, giving them the security needs they too require. Pull it up to feel the comfort and wrap around feeling over your shoulders and neck. Bring this up to your chin.

Notice that what you are pulling up is breathable. It is an energetic pull up which aligns you beyond your face, your grey matter, to the top of your head crown opening and beyond.

There is no need for a wide open at your crown for we are pulling you together, holding you up. And shooting up from there is a beacon of light, up through your crown and then back into your body circuitry of light support. Warmth.

It is you feeling the snug connectivity as though you have been hugged by angel wings in this moment that is imprinted on the planet Earth for thousands of years. This moment that resonates for you through many lifetimes as divine. Divine.

And you can hear the angels sing. Hear and feel and know that you are connected and aligned. You are connected to all that is.

It is direct access to all that is, bringing every aspect of you, bringing your earthly realities and soul awareness, bringing them together with the spiritual essence of you.

From this vantage position, you experience the wings and the waves and the sounds and the rippling. You experience the colours and the majestic tones. Your heart is so open. It is aching to open even more. And so you do. You unfold like a flower with petals. Open.

Your strength is the position of your vulnerability. You are strong in being vulnerable as though standing naked with nothing to lose.

Everything is on path. You are on track. In this moment you know more than you have ever known before that you are more on track, more aware of being on track.

The alignment connection, this knowingness feels as though it is a snug fit which holds you in as the cherished experience you crave. You are so loved and so honoured. We ask you to treat yourself with this level to cherish yourself as much as we do. To allow the liquid love to pour from your eyes because the vulnerability is golden. Feel it resonating now."