Who are the 3 People Who Have Had the Biggest Impact on Your Life?

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Have a listen or read the 4-minute blog post.

Who are the 3 people who have had the biggest impact on your life? The 3 people who have had the biggest influence?

Not the most positive impact and influence either. In fact, that's not the intent of the question.

If you looked for positive only, you would only be choosing from a selection of those people who have made an impact on you. A list of positive influences only would likely base its choice on who those three people 'should be', perhaps because of their significant roles in your life.

But I'm not asking that.

I'm asking:

  • Who has had the biggest impact on your life - so far?

  • Who shaped you, whether you wanted them to or not?

  • Who do you still hear in your head?

  • Who has coloured your world?

I asked myself the question and without hesitating, I knew the three people in my life who have influenced me the most, who’ve had the biggest impact on my life, were, Janice, Connor, and Cheryl.

Janice was a larger-than-life character. She also happened to be my mother in this life. She pushed me to become who I am today. It wasn't pretty, but it was a gift. Janice is still in my head every day. I hear her human pushing and influence. I also hear her soulful encouragements. Quite the colour.

Connor happened to be my son in this life, but again, that role isn't why he had the most impact on my life. His colour of impact was the opposite of Janice's, but the gifts were the same. And unlike Janice, his soul self is seamlessly integrated with his human representative.

Cheryl came into my life in the role of a client but changed my life forever when we ignited our soul promise and brought through Sage. Over the years, the human and soul bond solidified. I can think of it no other phrase but soul sister to describe the continued impact she has on my life.

Now it's your turn. Take a few minutes. Write who, and why. Tuck your list away. Reread it a year or so from now. See if it rings true as time goes by.

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