21st Century Love

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  • Do you understand love?

  • Do you want love?

  • Do you long for love?

  • Do you expect love from others?

  • Do you want our own love story?

I get it AND love is evolving, so it's not what you think it is…

What if I told you that the sooner you understand the energy of love, the sooner you could align with it?

What if I told you that with all your expectations, you could literally create happiness when you expand to this evolving love?

Sage calls this love 20/20 LOVE.

When you awaken 20/20 LOVE, you can bypass all the patterns you keep getting caught up in. And by aligning with 20/20 LOVE, you can experience love every single day. You can live 20/20 LOVE and your world will never be the same.

Not only is the focus of the world on love, but it's ready for the energetic uplevelling of love. I see the need for it every day, don’t you?

That's where '20/20 LOVE: It's Time To Activate The Next Level of Loving' comes in.

20/20 LOVE is brimming with the next evolutionary turn of love because love isn't static. Love is dynamic. And this love is being created as you live and learn and evolve.


“This is how we would describe the energetics, at this time. For as you watch your own world, as you observe all that is going on within your observations of planet, of humanity, of animal and plant life and so forth, you would be the first to see that there is a next level of love that is being created at this time. 

Love is a dynamic, as we have said in previous messaging. It is the stuff of life. The glue that keeps it all together. Love is source energy. Love is expansive energetics. 

If you could imagine the room bursting with light, if you could imagine your heart bursting with joy, the biggest beaming you could feel or imagine, that is love. It is the next level of love.

Now, you are practical human beings within the demographic you represent. You wish to understand how love is different for you, what this means to your relationships, what types of love we are referring to. What does the future look like? What is love? 

And so we have created this focus theme of course in your month of love because it is time you understood, and could then activate, even more of this next level love. This full spectrum love.

We tell you the future of love has arrived. You have created a new understanding of love.  And so we will take you back throughout your history as human beings on your planet. We will give you the broad brushstrokes of the formings of love, what love was expected to be, what love was assumed to be. 

We must remind you of romantic love, lust, love beyond being an emotional, love being a drive. We must remind you of marriage, arrangements, contracts. 

There is much that we wish to share with you that went on in previous centuries of your time. And then we will introduce the 21st century love.  This is the love you are in the midst of creating as you are entering the Soul Age. 

It is not based on a singular form of love. It is, of course, based on the integration of previous forms to create something magical, mindful, meaningful. 

We remind you that on your planet there is much integration of thought, integration of formings. You see that what was separate is now coming together and joining together and forming together, so you have multi-relational beings. You have recognition that it is not black or white. It is not male or female. 

There is a great coming together that is occurring on your planet. An acceptance that love permeates through the polarities. 

We wish to share more of this understanding with you…”

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