Do You Want To Sleep On It? 🙌

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We all have an unconscious relationship with sleeping and dreaming. We know we need to sleep, so we do. But are we getting the most from it? We suspect our dreams are important but we forget them.

It's not about how much sleep we get. Or how dark the room is. Or remembering the details of your latest dream. There's SO MUCH MORE to sleeping and dreaming than that!

If you're ready to hear the universal truth about the sleeping & dreaming as it relates to awakening, then this summer 's double program 'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING' is calling you.

These fresh channelled messages are more than dream interpretation and sleep recommendations. They are the demystification of all you've been told and believed was true!

Once you feel your way through the whole truth about sleeping & dreaming, you will change the way you live in the expansive Soul Age. And that will change everything.

Read all the program details and sign up here.

Registration ends tonight at midnight. The soul understanding begins on Monday.

Summer Begins July 2nd!

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'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING' is the 8-week summer program that works with you to expose & explain the mysteries of your sleeping & dreaming states of consciousness. 

In almost 4 hours of channelled sacred messaging Sage demystifies everything you thought you knew about sleeping, about dreaming, and even about awakening.

I was taken through the program as a willing guinea pig over the last few months. Then I brought the messages through. I SO GET IT NOW!

And you can too. 

The mysteries of sleeping and dreaming and awakening are ready to be exposed this summer. It's the perfect time.

Summer is a time of feminine awakening, of finding our bloom, of full transparency. Summer exposes. And shines a light. 

Summer heats things up and begs you to go deep.

If you want to know the truth about sleeping, dreaming, and awakening, to change YOUR personal life, registration for this double program begins today.

I'll see you on the other side.

Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING

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  • Do you get the 'right kind' of sleep?
  • Do you know what that is?
  • Have you always been curious about your dreams?
  • Do you understand the purpose of dreaming?
  • Do you wake up tired most mornings?
  • Is falling asleep difficult for you?
  • Is sleeping at the bottom of your to-do list?
  • Do you wish you could sleep more?
  • Have you started napping?
  • Do you have reoccurring dreams?
  • Are you wondering how many hours you really need to sleep?
  • Do you avoid or escape through sleeping?
  • Do you fall asleep before your head hits the pillow?
  • Do you remember any of your dreams?

'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING' is THE 8-week summer program that works with you to expose & explain the mysteries of your sleeping & dreaming states of consciousness.

I'll give you all the details on Tuesday when registration opens!

Summer - from a Soulful Astrological Perspective

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As summer rises up to meet us, it's time to look at the season of summer from a soulful astrological perspective. So I sat down with my favourite astrologer, Marielle Croft yesterday for a virtual chat.

With multiple retrograding planets, and 3 eclipses, it's going to be an intense summer! You'll want to know why and what you can do about it. Here's your head's up. Have a listen by clicking here.

The Gifts of Summer's Slumber

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For the last few months, I've gone through an experiment of sorts. It's like I guinea-pigged myself. Put myself in the Petri dish. All in the name of universal truth.

I didn't know why I put myself in this experiment nor did I know the parameters of it. But at this end of it, I can tell you it has everything to do with summer's monthly focused theme.

Sage wants to talk to us about sleeping and dreaming this summer. There's no better time. For 2 months - July & August - we can focus on the unknowing & significant areas of sleeping and dreaming. 

If you thought it was just about sleeping more, getting more sleep, and maybe googling the strange imagery of your dreams you are in for a HUGE REVELATION!

The understanding of the purpose and value of sleeping is so much more than I thought. It's mind-bending.

AND the greater understanding of the purpose and value of dreaming - off the charts. 

I'll tell you more about this summer program as it forms itself, but I wanted you to have a head's up now. This summer, you can learn more about your sleeping and dreaming habits than you ever suspected. You'll wake up your sleeping self. ;)

Here's How You Can DIY

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If you want to do-it-yourself, I have many resources to support that choice.

If you read my bio you know I am a psychotherapist, a soul coach, and a change agent. AND I am infused with sacred guidance through my work with Sage (read more here).

This universal truth comes through me in messages that are offered in themed focused courses every single month. The theme is based on the current energetics so it works with elevating your awareness and knowledge of the subject.

As humans, we mostly subscribe to the earthly reality. And if you're still reading this, it's because YOU subscribe to the spiritual, the soulful, the greater reality - as well.

In the New Age, spiritual understandings gave us much to consider, but not a lot of tools to integrate them into our earthly lives.

In the Soul Age, we're ALL ABOUT THE INTEGRATION. The focus is on living a life with multidimensional awareness, expanded perception, universal responsibility.

It's about living more than a self-serving only life. It's about making conscious choices for all of life - yours and everyone else's. We're in this together. We are a collective.

I have transcribed many of the previously offered channelled courses and compiled them into themed books. This way you can pick and choose the areas where you want to elevate your understanding.

All books can be downloaded or purchased here.

I invite you to consider the focused area you must change now

Then work with me one-on-one to fast track your change or self-guide with one of my recommended books.


  • Are you stuck in how to move your love relationships forward?
  • Are you excited by your work and feel your contribution is aligned with your values, integrity, and beliefs?


  • Is your health thriving and vibrant?
  • Your health is a reflection of you; do you fully accept what it is telling you?


  • Are you in integrity in your individual and group relationships with your family?
  • Have you found the closeness or distance you need to maintain your integrity?
  • Is there one relationship in particular that continues to challenge you?


  • Are you consistent in how you take care of you body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul?
  • Do you struggle with consistency and often put yourself last?


  • Do you feel good about your money, whether it's income, outcome, debt, savings, and/or investments?
  • Or do you struggle with your flow around income and outcome?
  • Do you think of money as more of a challenge for you than a freedom?


  • Do you struggle with time more often than not?
  • Do you feel like time is short and there are things you are not doing or getting to?
  • Do you feel you're going around in circles but not really getting ahead?


  • Are you comfortable with your age and proud of where you're at?
  • Are you uncomfortable growing older so you either don't think about it or fixate on it?
  • Do you own your aging self at each stage of your development?


  • Do you have a daily practice that keeps you connected to spirit?
  • Do you see more than meets the eye and understand its meaning?
  • Do you feel emotionally up and down more than evenly balanced?


  • Do you understand the messages from your soul and distinguish them from your emotions?
  • Can you expand upon your spiritual beliefs and connect to soul through integrating them?
  • Do you know what living as soul in physical form means or feels like?


Read all the details and download or order the paperback now.

You, as Soul

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I’ve had a lot of great feedback since writing out the New Age/Soul Age distinctions and understandings in a clear detailed practical way in 'Time & Purpose'

But I keep getting asked if ‘this program’ is better than ‘that program’. If ‘this resource’ is better than ‘that resource’. So, I want to use questions like this to dig a little deeper into HOW TO live in the Soul Age, and more specifically, how to REMEMBER you, as soul.

Of course, what’s ‘better’ to me is not necessarily ‘better’ to you. So upgrade the word ‘better’ to the phrase ‘more aligned with my soul’ and that will already shift things.

You see, your ‘better’ is definitely subjective because what your soul wants for you as a human is slightly different than what MY soul wants for me. Or is it?

Does your soul want something for you as a human? And if so, is it the same for you as it is for me?

If you pause for a moment and feel this deeply, a felt answer may slowly turn on. It may seem as light and easy as an ‘oh ya’. Wait for it.

If the light DOESN’T turn up its dimmer switch for you, answer the question I underlined as a ‘yes, and then see how that feels.

Then answer the question as a ‘no’, and see how THAT feels.

Gently rock back and forth between the two, feeling, sensing, opening up something inside.


This process is fine-tuning your SOUL SENSORS. (Or we could call them SOUL SENSES. I like both.) 

In the Soul Age, you’re not TOLD what to do. You, as soul, are remembering.

I believe it’s my job, my purpose, my mission, in this life, to help you remember.

Sometimes I bring through the sacred guidance of Sage for the particular energetics and words to help you remember. Other times I offer up Sage-informed conversations or writings, such as this. Either way, I’m here to help you remember that you are soul. I’m here to help you remember how to live as soul in physical form.


In the New Age we often gave our untapped power to others, believing THEY had the power, THEY could tell us anything, they could tell us EVERYTHING!


In the Soul Age, we are each learning how to access our OWN power.

If I TELL you how things are, you won’t learn it for yourself. You won’t learn to access the memory YOU have. You won't build trust with yourself. Without learning how to access, you can’t claim your power and live the life you came here to live.

I don’t want you to think I’m playing poker here, holding my cards close to my chest, only letting you see one card at a time. It’s definitely not like that. 

What you’re learning, what you’re remembering, is really about yourself, the planet, the universe, you, as soul. You have huge knowledge and accessibility.

Of course, there are non-physical beings and conduits who can help you by guiding you to what they see and feel, but it really is YOUR poker hand you’re playing from, if it’s anyone's hand at all.

YOU are the player, and only YOU know what card you’ll play when it’s your turn in life because you have the power. And it really is all about owning that power of choice, decision making, and action.


I can tell you, I can remind you, that your soul is not static. Your human isn’t either, for that matter. They are both ever-evolving. That means we really have no fixed, static, understanding about soul other than the basics because as it’s ever-evolving, it’s constantly creating itself grander.

Are YOU the same as you were when you were 6-years-old? Or 15-years-old? Of course not. And that’s just your human growth and evolution.

Your soul has compound growth and evolution because each of its spirits is having incarnations in physical form that are contributing vastly to its existence.

Want me to repeat that?

Your soul has compound growth and evolution because each spirit it creates is having an incarnation that is contributing vastly to its existence.


That’s a HUGE thought. Not your typical daily run-of-the-mill thought.

If you’re reading this, if you’re connected to me, then you have NOT signed up for a monastic life this time around. You signed up for a fairly regular life filled with busyness and obligations and responsibilities and choices. A life that wants to have a piece of your brain and body and time and focus. 

That doesn’t mean you’re not here on the planet in this body and mind to ignore you, as soul. It’s just not your one-and-only focus this time around.

Instead, you’re likely waking up to remember that you also wanted to FORGE A DEEPER RELATIONSHIP with you, as soul, while in this very human existence. 

You can. AND if you stick with it, you will.


Here’s some understanding on how.


Every time you stretch your brain's understanding and capacity to grasp more of the expanded greater reality, your soul reality, you are altering your very DNA. That’s another huge thought!

This experience of stretching to remember lands deeper within you to create new shifts, new growth, new expansion. The continual application means continual shifts, growth, and expansion, which means living closer and closer to you, as soul.


So how do your stretch your brain’s understand and capacity?

First, there are two aspects of your brain that need to be addressed.

Your conscious creative mind is the seat of your desires, the seat of your ego and will and what you want and think you need.

Your subconscious habitual pattern repeating mind relates to your emotions, values, beliefs, and habits.

These two minds don’t learn in the same way.

For example, reading a self-help book, going to a lecture, watching a video, can all be creative, so you can educate your conscious mind very quickly. But the subconscious mind doesn’t want to be changed so easily. It learns, but mostly in repetition and in depth, so only by doing something again and again, deeply. Only by actively choosing to repeat a process while being very present in it. That’s why states of meditation and hypnosis and other expanded states of consciousness are the subconscious mind’s best tools.

When you use the tools from your subconscious mind, you shift the very way you see and do life. You expand beyond the basic three-dimensional physical world of height, depth, and width, and in that expansion, the three-dimensional world will seem very pedestrian.

It’s at this point that you know you are accessing more than you, as human. That means you’re getting closer and closer to you, as soul. To keep getting closer, to keep expanding and then living that expansion in your human life, you will need to watch your emotional patterns.


Did that feel like it came out of left field?

So do most emotions.

Emotions are experienced by you, as human, but NOT by you, as soul. This doesn’t mean you don’t want to experience emotions, after all, Earth is an emotional planet. It means you want to master your emotions, rather than be a slave to them.

Emotions are typically triggered by something you remember or something external. Often both. When you’re feeling an intense emotion of any kind it’s because you have a pattern already established inside you that has read or seen or heard or sensed or lived something very similar before, again and again.

It won't be exactly the same, but it will be similar enough to allow your generalizing-brain to jump to the conclusion that it's the same thing. Cue the emotions.

When that happens, you go down the rabbit hole again, slipping further and further AWAY from you, as soul, and closer and closer to you, as human-only in a pattern repeat.

Let me remind you: When you suddenly feel very emotional, it's a trigger. It's not real. You are reacting to whatever it is you are reading or hearing or sensing or thinking that is COMPOUNDED by all the times something similar has gone on before, and now you are likely OVER-REACTING. What you are emotional about is a pattern repeat.

Remember this. Use this knowledge and awareness to master your emotional triggers and align closer to living more as you as soul.


Animals Need You AND You Need Animals

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Not everyone recognizes the soul in animals.

Every day we hear of people who abuse, neglect, and otherwise harm animals. But there's more going on here than meets the eye. It's not just black and white. 

If you're ready to hear the universal truth about the soul and purpose of animals, then June's program 'The Animal Kingdom' is calling you.

These fresh channelled messages are more than facts about animals and their wellbeing. They are the soul understandings of who animals are, why they are, and what their relationship to us is really all about.

Once you feel your way through the whole truth about domestic and wild animals you will see things in an expansive Soul Age way. And that will change everything.

Registration ends tonight at midnight. The soul understanding begins on Monday.

June's Jam

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I'll be bringing through a LIVE message in meditation form Friday evening as it's the first of the month. The message will be all about the energetics of June. If you haven't signed up for this FREE offering, do it here.

I'm also giving you a peek at June's energetic FOCUS according to Sage. It's an excerpt from 'At This Time', Sage's perpetual calendar of how to uplevel living on the earth plane while in intimate relationship with your soul.

And as a reminder, June's focused theme - 'The Animal Kingdom' begins on June 4th. If you haven't signed up for that offering yet, the deadline is Saturday.


June's Dance

..."What is happening with the energetic resonance that is being beamed to the planet at this time is the frequencies are becoming finer and finer and higher and higher, which means the dissonance and disruption of the fields are going to speed up. They are going to get even faster to show you that time is of the essence for you to step into the authentic nature of self.

The disruptions show up to show you how you can leverage your spiritual and energetic intelligence which are leveraged beyond what you currently deem as intellectual intelligence or even emotional intelligence.

We are now talking about an intelligence that is being merged and morphed on the planet at this time with the higher frequencies so you can see the disruption and the dissonance quicker, you can catch yourself quicker, and you can shift your energetics to resolution and solution and higher-level energy of soul self.

It becomes a magical process like a dance.

Imagine a dance of 3 steps of 1-2-3, 1-2-3, dissonance, awareness, and merge with expansive self.

Dissonance, awareness, and merge with expansive self.

Dissonance, awareness, and merge with expansive self.

This is a beautiful dance.

As you master the dance you are going faster and faster and faster with it.

Your observer self also engages in the dance.

The disruptions and the dissonance do not disappear, because they are part of the human experience.

How blessed are you to have chosen this experience at this time.

When you first learn the dance, it is choppy. You step on your toes. You step on the toes of others. The dissonance part of the dance might be longer. 

As you evolve and learn to master the steps, you move more seamlessly and gracefully into the awareness step, and then into the merging spiritual step.

When you choose the spiritual merging step to be the dominant leading step, the dissonance becomes part of what is projected onto the screen which is your reality on the planet Earth..."


You can read more of this dance, more of the energetics of June in 'At This Time: Sacred Guidance For The Changes You Must Make Now'.

Are You Ready To Know the WHOLE TRUTH About Animals?

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Are you ready to know the sacred truth?

If you're reading this, you are likely already on the path of connection with the soul of animals. You subscribe to my newsletter or blog because you want to know more about the soul of life itself. Soul in all its understandings, and as Sage would say, 'applications'.

We can never know enough about soul. We can never LIVE enough soul. We crave it. We long to LIVE THE SOUL OF EVERYTHING because we know there IS soul in everything.

Soul is truth. Core truth. Universal truth. It is the whole understanding that is more than can be measured by our thoughts and perspectives. 

That's why we must continue to expand our minds beyond their default position of "I know, I know" and really LIVE in the depth of all that we are.

In June, you can start here. You can start with getting deeper understanding beyond the thinking, into the knowing, into the universal truth of your place in the world alongside animals.

Animals are here for a reason just as you are. It's time to align with the universal truth and live in accordance with that truth in all areas of the soul of animals and you.

June's monthly focused-theme - 'The Animal Kingdom: Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals' is now open for registration.

Check out the titles of the 8 sacred messages from Sage:

  1. The Energy of Inclusion
  2. The Abilities of Animals
  3. The Difference in Degrees
  4. The Mutual Agreement
  5. The Integration of Oneness
  6. The Consciousness of Animals
  7. The Companion Animals
  8. The Choices & Gifts

"Happiness is a Warm Puppy"

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Charles Schulz knew the truth. June's monthly focused-theme has really taken shape now. And it's all about the animal kingdom. 

Even calling the program 'The Animal Kingdom' shows the placement animals have in these sacred messages of universal truth. The subtitle says it all: 'Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals.'

Here's a little snippet from the first of 8 Sage messages in this monthly focus. 

“And so you wish to know about animals: wild animals, domesticated animals, pets as you call them.

We would be in service to you and to your planet at this time in sharing with you all about the animal kingdom. All about the purpose and the soul of this kingdom.

For years we have shared with you all about the purpose and the soul of you. We have much more we can and will share with you on the subject of you, of course, for you are a precious and important subject. You are awakening love beings. 

However, at this time you are asking of the animals on the earth. This is because you are feeling the energy of inclusion that is occurring on your planet at this time.

There is both a polarity and an inclusion occurring. These energies are providing choice for humans at this time. You are either choosing to be exclusive or inclusive if you will. 

At this time, you have inclusivity of global citizens no matter their background, skin colour, sexual orientation, beliefs and so forth. You are inclusive of interdimensional beings.

Now you wish to be inclusive of the animal kingdom. This is appropriate at this time. 

So we wish to begin by uplevelling your choice of vocabulary as to your term ‘pet’.

This term is an old term belonging to another age of evolution. Yes, you pet your animals. You stroke them. You tussle their fur. 

Many of you believe the term originates from that understanding. However, the word is derived from another energy understanding, that of petty. Animals and children were believed to be less than adult humans, at one time. They were considered petty: inconsequential, insignificant, nonessential. 

From that era, most humans - but of course not all -  began recognizing the value or worth or may we suggest consciousness of children.

This has, and continues to be, a slow realization and demonstration on your planet, in that you would regard children, respect children, honour and accept children, rather than attempt to over control, nullify, invalidate, and so forth.

So as the pendulum swings to inclusivity of all humans regardless of description of those humans, those delineated as children have been more notably seen and acknowledged as humans in their own right with power and purpose and drive. Your creations of uncertainty, of fear amongst children on the planet at this time, have allowed this amplification.

So it with this extension that you are now ready to regard and acknowledge the next line of your human superiority conditioning, and that is, of animals..."

Registration for 'THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: UNDERSTANDING THE SOUL & PURPOSE OF ANIMALS' begins on Saturday. I'll give you more details then. June promises to be an uplifting love month!


Do Animals Have Souls?

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Years ago Sage talked about the acronym for the word SOUL as being the Source Of Universal Love. It's always stuck with me as the definition of soul as well.

So when it comes to animals - those incredible, unrelenting, far-reaching inventions of creation - how on EARTH could they not have soul? Could they not be OF soul? Could they not BE soul?

Still, many people don't think that way. Animals to them are subservient prisoners of man. They are second rate creations. They are less than. They are, well, they are animals.

Well, in this time of great transparency, of truly seeking and finding the WHOLE TRUTH, it's no surprise that we're ready to hear the WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT ANIMALS.

We've been bringing up the beliefs of cultures, sexes, and all those who were judged, misunderstood, or lost in the folds of the majorities.

This month the focus is on interdimensional beings - those otherworldly visitors and inhabitants of the planet who actually have purpose and position.

Next month, the focus will be to bring the greater reality understanding of animals to the surface. To give THEM the voice to be heard and seen and respected.