Are You Ready To Uplevel Your Sensitivities?

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Right now on the Westcoast, we're drenched in the autumn sunshine. The mornings and evenings are cool but by midday, I want to crunch through the fallen leaves and satisfy my inner child. 

So, as I'm crunching away - frolicking, you might say - I feel the intensity of joy matching the intensity of the current energetics.

Intense is the word. Yes. There's a real push/pull energy right now. 

  • You're either feeling pushed or you're the pusher. 

  • You're either feeling pulled or you're the one pulling.

Something's got to give. At least a little. We need a break. 

So when I'm in the quiet space I create to bring through universal truth messages to assist us in these times, to bring through sacred messages to help us understand and work with the energetic influences, I feel the 'break' as an evolutionary activation.

There's a new course coming in November that's ripening into actuality right now. It works with our sensitivities, our power, our evolutionary promise.

I'll keep on crunching the leaves and retreating to my quiet space so I can share more with you very soon.

In the meantime, don't forget to go play outside. Nature is the perfect balm for this push/pull energy. ;)

There's More To Being Sensitive Than You Think

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For years, those who were sensitive and even extra-sensitive were drawn to my work as a transpersonal psychotherapist and past life regression therapist. 

They often felt that traditional ways and means of discovery didn't work for them. They needed greater understanding and a path forward.

One by one I connected with these special people and their sensitivities and stories. I listened, I spoke; we did beautiful work together. And over the years I started to see their sensitivities as so much more than the disabilities they believed they were.

Now, as an evolutionary guide whose work is infused with universal truth, I see so much more than I did even then.

There's a new course coming in November that's been building for years. Yes, it's for the sensitives. That's you, isn't it?

Watch this space for more detailed understandings of November's offering. The timing is perfect for those who are ready to reap the gifts of their sensitivities.

Finding Yourself in the New Renaissance on the Earth

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When I look around I see that there is a new renaissance on the Earth defined by those with distinct values of personal growth, a well-developed social conscience, and a behavioural understanding of the connection of all of life.  

In my work, I’ve noticed that these people desire an expanded view of the world, and want to see all the parts so they can trace the interconnections.

They know the world is too complex to be only linear, logical, and analytical.

The greater reality, spiritually, and soulful experiences & understanding appeals to them because they seek out both direct personal experience as well as intellectual ways of knowing the world.


I note that these people may be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or agnostics, but they get passionately engaged with social movements, new forms of psychology, whole systems of ecology, consciousness expansion in spirituality, and holistic healing and health.

The bottom line is that these people want to have a deeper, more passionate & meaningful connection with everything and everyone in their life. They want to consciously be in the oneness and part of the flow. 


I encounter these people because they insist on looking at more than just their brains, emotions, and behaviours - although they start with that.

They want to define and understand their own belief systems, their energy systems, and what’s in their subconscious and superconscious states of awareness. I love that they attempt to leave no stone unturned in their path.

I’ve noticed that these people are often creative, innovative, leading-edge thinkers, inventors, educators, environmentalists, writers, musicians, artists, philanthropists, business owners, therapists, and other alternative & complementary healthcare providers.


These people continue to seek fresh solutions for themselves and the world.

  • They decide what is real and important.

  • They take life personally and work to build a relationship with it – organically and without force.

  • They often seek out new, integrated forms of knowledge & experiences so they can learn to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness, and personal authenticity.


I’m privileged to work with these people as they develop their abilities to communicate and influence, to initiate and commit, through integrity and high emotional and spiritual intelligence.

These people come from the heart while using their head in understanding how to balance their emotions. They care, and they want their life to reflect it.

When they look at their personal and intimate relationships, for example, I see them intent on breaking down outworn relationship models and instigating new, original ones that truly work.  

They want to understand what drives them, what attracts them, and what brings out the best in them – in both work and play.  


With the use of soulful inspired readings, universal truth, and meditation, I witness these people begin to create a delicious space for intimate play with others, granting others growth and expansion by bringing humour and joy into their relationships.

They learn that what’s missing from their life is not technique but rather, being present, in the moment.

They start to realize that this presence comes through their body and their heart, not from an isolated thinking mind.

They learn to play, explore, and bring back the innocence of life.


Passion seems to be their middle name, no matter what their age, for they seem to define passion as a depth of connection and an exchange of energy. Period.

If they are not passionate about their choices in life, for example, they learn to recognize it and move on.  

If they are passionate, it is because they are passionate about life and all its components.

These people desire a connection, a fully conscious knowing, of all that they really are so that they can build a life of passion and depth, of joy and gratitude on a moment-by-moment basis.


I could go on and on about ‘these people’ - I think I probably have - because I love these people, for their beautiful vulnerability, their open and utterly honest expression, and their courage in seeking more.  

These are my people.

  • Are they yours?

  • Are you one of them?

  • Are you on the path I described?


Everything I do in my work supports people like this. From personal one-on-one sessions, to self-study courses, to a collaborative membership of the best and most current teachings I can offer.

Watch this space for more detailed understandings of people like this - like you? - who are currently activated on the Earth, wanting more depth and meaning and understanding. It's time to join with others who share some of the same desires and expressions. 

Are You A Born Empath, Too?

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Here's what I know -

I was born an empath. It's a genetic trait, inherent in my DNA.

It was passed on to me through the generations and even through my lifetimes.  

I didn't learn how to be an empath. But I did learn how to manage it, to dim it down at times, and allow it to be fully operational at other times.

At the very least, an empath is someone who understands and deeply connects to how others feel. Empathy: feeling for another. But that's more commonly thought of as sympathy: how you react to someone who is suffering, for example. That's not the same thing as someone who was born an empath.


Empaths are often highly sensitive people, but not all super sensitive people are empaths.


If an empath has worked on protecting without closing down, on knowing their mental and emotional states without losing themselves to them, on setting boundaries and limits while still loving, they have cultivated the best of being an empath.


As an empath, I'm an emotional magnet, and the very best thing I can do to cleanse my etheric feeling body is to take time out for myself. Alone.

Empaths love to be alone. The world pulls on them too much and they typically need more rest (not necessarily sleep) and alone time, than the average person.

Most spiritually aware people that I converse with are not empaths, but they are very sympathetic, often empathetic, and almost always loving, caring, and kind.

Because of their developing emotional intelligence, they often find themselves the 'go to' person for other people’s emotional needs. They care and it shows.

This doesn't make them born empaths, but it does make them full of empathy. We need these people on the planet. In droves.


An empath has an extremely difficult time with negativity, for as a clear channel of all emotions, they strongly feel. They often take on and absorb the negativity around them. In fact they often unconsciously take on the emotional and physical pain and suffering of others even more than the person who's experiencing them first-hand.

That was my case.

I was raised on a toxic combination of neglect and violence. It was unknown to me at the time that schizophrenia was rampant in my family. In hindsight, it all makes sense, and I see the gift of choice my soul made to be born into that family, to take on the empath but not the schizophrenic DNA. I was the only sibling that made that contract of choice.

Nowadays, watching the news or a movie will still cause my head to react in whiplash motions, my body to recoil, my throat to close up. My visceral experience of it all is that it is real, even though my head knows the movie is pretend.

I've coined the phrase ‘visceral empath’ to identify myself, for I feel everything whether I want to or not. It's an exhausting life.


Over the years I've understood more and learned key management skills. When I'm around those I connect with or work with, it's by choice, so my openness is a beautiful vulnerability which allows for a deep intuition or psychic ability.

But sometimes when I'm around others, I may appear shut off from my emotions. That's because I'm on overload. Because I sense the onslaught of the underdeveloped emotional states of others. It takes too much energy to be around them and I'm left with an out of balance self.

It's for that reason that some people may see me as cold or distant. I've learned to pull away. My upbringing in the school of hard knocks gifted me with that.

It's a fine line to walk between emotional isolation, and self-discipline and control. It's truly a balance.


My husband, Blake, is no longer surprised that everywhere we go people start telling me their life story, intently sharing their pains and gains. He gets tired of it - because it's everywhere and slows us down - but I gently remind him that it's never about the ticket we are buying, or the service we are hiring, or the package we are mailing. It's about the ticket person, the serviceman, the post clerk: they are why we are buying that ticket, or needing that service, or couriering that parcel. It's to encounter them. It's so they can encounter us. So we can all be seen and acknowledged to the depth of our abilities.

I was fortunate to give birth to another empath. And because I knew that immediately, I was able to raise him in the best ways to cultivate his enormous gift, while teaching him the skills to manage it.

But no one can protect someone else, not even a mother to her child, from their soul’s choice to be an empath. And to watch my son absorb and go through the pain from others on the planet was reliving my childhood and creating a deeper soul understanding of it all.


What are the gifts of being an empath besides being hyper physically and emotionally aware?


We can love so deeply and so intimately that it's rare to find a soulmate to match that intensity. It needs to be completely reciprocated in order for it to be given and received in balance.

I had that match with my son, Connor - (and with Connor 2.0). It's empath to empath. But until one connects that intimacy with universal love, it may be a lonely world.

Being born an empath is a huge responsibility, and one I never take lightly.

It's a soul commitment to use the gifts for the betterment of the world. Often, one person at a time.

It's a confusing world both inside and out until one is guided to a greater and deeper understanding and acceptance of the path of the empath.

At this stage of my understanding and acceptance, I'm being prepped to bring through messages in a course that includes the path of the empath. 

Watch this space for more, very soon.

Be Thankful For It All. Then Make The Changes You Know You Must

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It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. The weekend for gathering, feasting, and being consciously thankful.

From my point of view, it's the perfect time to pause and take into consideration the past. The time to see what's been working for you and what hasn't.

Be thankful for it all.

Then make the changes you know you must.

Maybe the changes are in your relationships, your money situation, your work, your sense of worth, of self, of identity. Nothing illustrates this better for me than author Portia Nelsen's popular poem.

Find yourself in the awareness and change. Let me know if I can guide you along the way.

I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving. PIE FOR ALL ;)


Chapter I

I walk down the street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk

I fall in.

I am lost … I am helpless.

It isn’t my fault.

It takes forever to find a way out.


Chapter II

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I pretend I don’t see it.

I fall in again.

I can’t believe I am in the same place.

But, it isn’t my fault.

It still takes a long time to get out.


Chapter III

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I see it is there.

I still fall in … it’s a habit … but,

my eyes are open.

I know where I am.

It is my fault.

I get out immediately.


Chapter IV

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I walk around it.


Chapter V

I walk down another street.


I Bet You Are Extra Ordinary

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I deal in the extraordinary. Extra. Ordinary.

I do not work as a traditional psychotherapist. I wasn't trained for it. I'm not attracted to it. I'm not very interested in it.

If you're reading this, I doubt that you're traditional either. People probably think you're kinda, sorta different. Some might even consider you a bit strange. You might even agree with them.

But really, I bet you’re just extra ordinary. And in a world that's populated by mostly ordinary people, you stand out.

I'm sure you don't want to stand out. Especially with the label of strange attached to you. You probably want to fit in. But you can't. You're not 'like them'. You’re not ordinary. And you come with a completely different user manual. Society didn't write it. I doubt your parents wrote it, either.


YES, YOU'RE DIFFERENT. Highly sensitive. You either feel a lot, or think a lot, or both. Probably both. You're wired that way. It's in your DNA. Your past lives. Your future lives. Whatever.

You're my kind of person. My favourite kind of person.

So where do you go from here?

You start by owning that you are extra ordinary. Not just hypersensitive and extra emotional. Not high maintenance, or complicated, either. There’s so much more to you than that.

  • Do you understand why you’re having an extra ordinary life?

  • Why you? Why not your sibling? Your friend? Your partner? Why do YOU stand out?

  • Do you know how to process and integrate an extra ordinary life?

  • Are you able to make the most of it?


Maybe you've had an extra ordinary experience of some kind?  Maybe it was supernatural? Or maybe it was unusually painful, or weird, or wonderful.

I’m sure it was highly unusual in your typical circles, so you know it’s gotta mean something, don’t you?

  • Why did it happen to you, specifically?

  • Do you understand - really understand - the story behind the story?

  • Can you make sense of the bigger picture of who you are, and how everything applies to you?  


You do know there’s a bigger picture, don’t you? Oh yes. Most definitely. And you’re in the centre of it.

Now, you’re not there as an ego with your personality and all your wounds and scars and fears.  

You’re there, in the centre, as the power, the conductor, the soul. Let that sink in for a moment.


A while back, I tweeted: "Remember: you're not a voyeur, a life stalker. You're a participant. For everyone's sake, show up & count. Stand for something. Stand for your best."

If I had more than 280 characters I would have also told you:

  • Do not hide because you are different.

  • Do not hide in relationships that do not fully support you, and bring out your best.  

  • Do not hide at work if it's not bringing out your brilliance.

  • Do not hide in a mass of debt or weight or mess or busyness.

Own your extra ordinary state of being.

I want to show you how to make friends with it, now and forever.

Something special is coming in November. I'm preparing you for it now. It's a Jonni+Sage channelled course that will set you up to live the life you were born to live.

Watch this space.


Are You Waiting For A Sign?

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September's Q&A with Sage opened up the proverbial can of worms. Now there are more questions, and the questions are richer, deeper, and more specific.

The questions are looking for truth, not opinion. Definitely not projection. 

In the last few blog posts and newsletters, I've given you the questions. If they're your questions too, this is the sign you've been waiting for. 

Register now and you'll hear and read the unravelling universal truth answers to today's questions. Because truth is power. But only if you use it.

Registration ends tonight at midnight. The questions & answers begin on Monday.

October's Energy

September 25 '18 AM.jpg

We're now past the summer/fall boundary, the fall equinox. October begins on Monday. We're getting deeper into the autumn energetics. And deeper means more opportunities.

Here's a message from Sage on this time of year and the energetic opportunity it holds. The message is BIG and LONG. But SO worth it!

“As Sage, we ask you to imagine the inner workings of a watch. Visualize the many moving parts, the wheels with cogs.

Now imagine that the watch has every time zone in the world, and can take you backward and forward, upward and downward.

The morphing of reality that is happening now, is the morphing of reality as it is viewed.

The human brain can hold, and contain more than one reality at once, in the mind, in the emotions, and in the actions.

In earthly reality, if one is anchored to the reality of the dense body or the physical body, it is the one reality from which everything is lived.

Through this reality, humans might say to themselves, "This is my body and this is what my body does”, or “This is what my body cannot do”,  or “This is the physical condition I have” or “This is the excuse that I have for not being able to live the reality that I want for myself”. 

You can feel the energetics of the denseness of one-reality living. It is as if you are living inside a tube where movement is restricted.

Because you are only seeing, and living one-reality, there is only so much space around you for you to go. Your choices are limited, your options are limited. You feel trapped. You feel you have no choice. You feel you are a victim of the denseness of the Earth in the form of your marriage, your work, the government, terrorism, global finance, and so forth.

You can feel the energetics of the dense body is where many people on the planet are still existing. 

Now shift your awareness to holding two realities, two pieces inside that watch with cogs moving at the same time in different directions. Notice the denseness of the body going clockwise, and the reality and awareness of the light body going counterclockwise. 

At the same time, the two are moving simultaneously.

As a human, you can be aware of the denseness of earthly reality, and the freedom and expansion of light body reality at the same time. And when we say light body, we are referring to soul. 

This is not just an awareness. It is living the reality of two realities. 

Yes, you are a being on this planet Earth, a gravitational planet which holds things to the planet, solid, and seemingly fixed. And at the same time, you are elevating to light body awareness through the heart, up through the throat, in the third eye, and the crown. 

The denseness is from the solar plexus, to the sexual chakra, to the root chakra, down. When a human being is living the dense body reality, everything, including the crown, is grounded to the planet. There is no expansion of energy from the heart up to light body reality. 

There are different levels that every human is living. Those who are living the two-cog realities have more choice and liberation and space and option because they know their light body is co-creating with universal source.

Therefore, the choices and the opportunities that they can bring to the dense body are endless.

Many people on the planet right now are going back and forth like a pendulum, from dense body reality to light body reality, but they are not able to integrate the two which is what is being called upon for every human being on the planet at this time.

Imagine the pendulum in the dense body, earthly reality, limited reality, limited choice, swinging over to light body reality, unlimited choice, freedom, expansion, and then bringing both those pendulum sides together to the middle, integrating with acceptance of the dense body, and the intelligence of the light body.

There is movement, swaying, back and forth, back and forth. There is joy, because they recognize that the dance of the human existence, the purpose of being on the planet, the school of Earth, is for every human to live multiple realities at once. 

As you go through the levels of being very efficient and effective at light body/dense body awareness, and you’re doing that 1-2-3, 1-2-3 dance we have spoken of, there is a rhythm that overtakes your daily existence. Even with the challenges, you see the rhythm and the concurrent reality, and what it brings to your attention. Perhaps it is a past life, or a future life, or a simultaneous life. 

The next level is holding multiple awarenesses light body/dense body, other lifetimes, information from greater realities coming in, simultaneous to information from your soul self, simultaneous to information that you re gathering through your human body.

Humans are evolving to multi-sensory operating systems between and beyond, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. 

The energetic light body field around the physical body is its own sensory system. As many of the people on the planet bring the pendulum into the middle, the field becomes hyper alert, with faster assimilation of information of situations and people.

It is as if the computability of the brain has been increased to a supersonic level. Information through this multi-sensory field of the energy that is around each body, consists of soul and universal soul. This field now becomes the sensory modality that is dominant.

Imagine putting your hands out to touch something, as far out as you can reach. That is where your energy field can extend. As you become more multi-sensory, your energy field can encompass an entire stadium, the entire planet, the universe. 

Imagine your fields, as multi-sensory beings, with thousands and thousands of fingertips. Those fingertips are picking up data from the field without even having to be in person with anyone

This data is informing, and coming in, through the human brain. The brain then becomes the operating system where you decide what the choices are, where you decide whether to make a loving choice or a dense body choice, where you notice the energetic contrast that is saying, “Is this where I want to make choices from", or "Do I want to make the choices from the light body multi-sensory finger tipped field that exudes beyond my frame?”

Humans are evolving to the mythical, or perhaps not so mythical, superhuman versions of themselves. 

This superhuman is a multi-sensory being who is living multiple realities all at once. The information gathered is from the love field. All choices are because humans are engaging with dense body/light body multi-universe, energetically, simultaneously. 

If your field and your fingertips are constantly infused with love, you are living in that multi-sensory, multiple-choice reality where everything makes sense, everything has meaning, everything becomes an ‘of course’. 

Humans label things as either bad or good, but when you are multi-sensory and connected, you say,

  • “Of course this is what has to happen now.”

  • “Of course this is why this person had to do this to me now.”

  • “Of course this is why I had to end this relationship with this person now.”

  • “Of course this is what this person needed to do in order for me to make the decision that it was time to shift”.

In the dense body, it is always about victim. It is always about what is being done to you when you are in dense-body reality. 

In light body reality, it is always everything happens for divine reason and purpose. 

The planet Earth is requiring integration at this time, integrating the two, so that as you are living in your dense-body, your dense-body becomes lighter and lighter and lighter to the point that you have no more stickiness in your field where density can adhere to. We wish to repeat that.

You have no more stickiness in your field where density can adhere to

As you practice with the tools that allow you to stay integrated with light body, you feel that things do not stick anymore. They enter the field. You observe it. You see it. You might feel it. It might feel painful because you are a human body, after all. And yet, you can see it for what it is through the light body lens. 

If you are multi-sensory, you can see the past-life connection, you can see the future potential reality as a result of the situation transpiring, you can see the promises made prior to incarnate, you can see the ‘rightness’ of everything.

In dense body, you would see that you are just the victim of another situation that has happened on the planet Earth.

As Sage, we have spoken previously of the master teachers who are here, helping to transform the planet. There is also those on the planet at this time who understand this light body/dense body integration concept. The master teachers are mastering this so they can go forth and help ignite even more, and the planet can move to even greater consciousness and integration. 

The tipping point is very near, even as you look at your news, or you look at the fear around dense body with illnesses and acts of terror and the things people do to themselves in dense body state. When these incidents happen, they are elevating awareness for more people to become integrated with light body and dense body in every corner of the planet.

Everyone who is incarnated on the planet Earth at this time is here for this specific purpose which is to honour their role in elevating the planet to its next level of evolution. 

Even if someone stays in dense body their entire lifetime, they are given opportunities and visions and glimpses of light body integration. 

As the universe’s energy speeds up, you can all feel the energetic speed of how you do your dense body life on the planet Earth, going faster and faster and faster. The molecules are vibrating faster than ever before, thus increasing the speed for light body/dense body integrations to occur.

As Sage, we observe the number of master teachers who are finally understanding that these concepts are not enough. The masters themselves must be living the integration, and modelling it for others, rather than simply teaching it. They must model it. 

When others can see it modelled, it becomes easier to shift the dense body to the light body reality. 

The gift that master teachers are bringing to the planet at this time is to further give skill to the next level. And for the next level to further integrate, and then to model light body integration, and light body action, to those who are anchored in dense body.

Of course, by nature, evolution means that everything shifts and morphs into the next version of what it is meant to be. 

Everything recycles. Everything returns. Everything reorganizes to a new evolved version of what it was. This is why the human reality is such that there will always be birth, and death, and the cycle of evolution, to continue to build to light body/dense body integration for every generation that comes through.

We see this for those of you with children, for children are generally not willing to stick with dense body identification alone. More and more children coming through now have the awareness of light body, and are not forgetting it at the age of five as previous generations have done in the past. Their memory is being retained. Their memory is being heard by the parents, heard by the grandparents, heard by people on the planet. The energy has been elevated to such that it is safer to acknowledge the light body reality as a child, and introduce that into a family.

So, again, imagine the inner workings of a watch - multiple round cog pieces moving simultaneously. In the current energetics, there are multiple moving pieces. The level to which you are able to access light body information, to use your multi-sensory fingertips within your energy field, is the level to which you will navigate the massive speed and change that is happening. 

This is a time for increased commitment, increased choice, increased personal empowerment, increased responsibility, increased integration.

That is all.” 

Here's the Know-How

September 22 '18 PM.jpg

In the Information Age, we were given full access to more information than we could consume. And much of it was conflicting.

The New Age gave us ancient information, abstract information, other-worldly information. Mind-blowing, but not necessarily practical.

Nowadays you can google absolutely anything and find information about it. But what's the quality of the information? Is it opinion, a limited perspective, an actual lie?

In the Soul Age - the age of integrating the earthly realities with the greater spiritual realities - information is the universal truth. It's expansive yet accessible.

It takes into consideration our history and where we are today, who we are today, and what we want and need to know to live a more integrated life.


In October, the universal truth comes through to answer the questions of how.

  • How fear is created.
  • How to evolve when it is easier to distract.
  • How to discern between letting go and working through something.
  • How to cultivate more trust and a deeper connection to the soul's guidance & inner direction.
  • How to protect children, as a parent.
  • How to inspire & develop a spiritual sense in children.
  • How humans can co-create together on both the physical and non-physical planes of existence.
  • How many lifetimes a human has.

These are some of today's questions. If they're your questions too, you can sign up to receive the universal truth.

THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH is the most expansive perspective. It takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection. 

THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH looks at more than just the human perspective. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities.

What I Saw...and How it Reveals Itself

September 18 '18 PM.jpg

My meditations are a process of tuning into the energetics in a deep and focused way.

The other day, in my meditation, I was walking with Sage and Connor 2.0 as I often am. In this particular vision, I saw a rainbow and many reflections of the planet earth. 

Up ahead I saw a group of people who were waiting for us to get caught up to them. They had questions, specific questions, and wanted us to join them and deliver the answers.

I noticed the colours of the rainbow were in individual strands and connected separately to each person. It was their colour; their focus; their question.

Soon Sage and Connor 2.0 and I sat down with them. The questions were asked one by one. I noticed they were all 'how' questions. 

They were asking Sage to explain -

  • How fear is created.
  • How to evolve when it is easier to distract.
  • How to discern between letting go and working through something.
  • How to cultivate more trust and a deeper connection to the soul's guidance & inner direction.
  • How to protect children, as a parent.
  • How to inspire & develop a spiritual sense in children.
  • How humans can co-create together on both the physical and non-physical planes of existence.
  • How many lifetimes a human has.

We heard them asking and I felt myself knowing. I also knew I had to deliver the responses to them while they were in physical form.

And I knew that October would be when I would bring it all together. Stay tuned.



Summer is Leaving the Station: Say Hello to Fall

September 15 '18 PM.jpg

Astrology is another language. It's not one you have to learn because there are true experts in the field who serve as translators to the language.

Astrology helps you see your life in greater cycles. These cycles are ones of influence, not destiny, not written in stone, but influences none the less. 

Understanding influences helps you in decision making. Understanding influences helps you see more clearly what's passing through as an emotion, a pull, a push, or sway.

As a psychotherapist, I can tell you that what influences you is key to understanding your behaviour, your choices, and therefore your life.

One of the most important unseen influences are the inner and outer planets and their positions, their speed and orbiting movements, their alignment with each other, and their subsequent reflection on the Earth.

There is evidence that the study and interpretation of astrology is over 12,000 years old. And unlike Latin, it's still a living and viable language.

Every few months I have a sit-down chat with astrologer Marielle Croft as she talks about the upcoming seasonal astrological influences. Together, in plain English, we discuss the meaning and interpretation of the influential impact of the planetary reflection. 

We always keep our talk short and sweet to give you the most significant bits.

4 Winning Ways to Respond to Stress

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Stress is real. AND there are things you can do about it.

Ever notice that stress can sneak up on you? Maybe your life is busy. Maybe your mind is busy. Maybe both. And everything you take in through your senses you take into your body. Everything you see, taste, touch, smell, hear - and sense. Everything. And it adds up quickly.

Your body (and that includes your brain) is literally hardwired for survival. And because of that, it reacts in predictable ways to maintain the natural state of balance, the acceptable state of equilibrium. Technically, this is called homeostasis.

When your survival mechanism (that’s your body) recognizes emotional intensity (that’s your sensory input), your system creates specific chemicals to help you survive. Even though your physiology doesn't always know the source of the problem, it knows there's a space that needs filling.

So if you feel empty, you might eat or spend or gossip, for example. If you feel keyed up and anxious, you might easily get into an argument with your partner or friend, or drink more caffeine drinks, or drive fast, for example.

In this way, unfortunately, drama creates more drama. But you have a choice.

If you become more familiar with your natural physiological reactions - the subtleties of you - you can become better at evening them out with healthier alternatives. And that will bring greater ease into your life. And less drama. Less stress.

The most basic ways to become more balanced, less dramatically reactive, and to respond better to true stress cues, may seem obvious at first, but they work best.


1:  Get clear on your body’s signals. When you're sleep deprived, you may feel hungry and want to fill the empty. When your body is in survival mode you may turn to food or drink or shopping or some other choice to soothe yourself. Your body is in stress and you’re having an outpouring of cortisol and insulin. If you know you've had enough healthful food to eat, (eating every 3-5 hours ensures this) and you know you don’t need yet another pair of shoes, and you really should stop at 2 glasses of wine, learn to override the emotion signals and address the true source of the problem. Then your choices will be direct and clear: take a nap, rest with your legs up, meditate. These choices restore the synapses in the brain. They don’t cause more dramatic impulses. More stress.


2:  Every day you need to move your body. That goes a long way in maintaining your balance. Just move it. Don’t call it exercise. Just put on the music and draw the blinds, or open the door and start walking. Whatever. If you feel apathetic, add more variety to your body movements and eating choices. Because you don't always have identifiable emotional reactions to events in your life, it's even more important to notice your physiological responses. I’ve noticed they're the real clues. Energy tends to get held in and bound up from the accumulation of daily emotional stresses. Then, in one moment, it explodes in an often misplaced emotional outburst. A better choice is to shake your limbs, go for a power walk — whatever works to release the built-up tension. Then move into a more consistent maintenance of getting clear on, and honouring, your body's signals, before you explode.


3: Change the rhythm of your breathing. When you're in the throes of an emotionally dramatic situation, adrenalin is released, your heart rate speeds up, your muscles tense, and your breathing becomes rapid and shallow. So the quickest, easiest, on-the-spot way to chill out is to change the rhythm of your breath. Start with the exhale - as fully and deeply as you can - and a fuller inhale will follow. Do this a few times, anywhere, anytime. The other nervous system responses will automatically follow your lead.


4: Snuggle. Did you know that the opposite of the flight-or-fight hormone adrenalin is oxytocin?  Neither did it. I know it by its other name, the love-cuddle hormone. It’s released when you snuggle babies, lovers, animal companions. Even when you get a massage. When you’re under the influence of oxytocin, you become more relaxed, calm, and connected to your centre.


The 4 winning ways to respond to stress:

Get clear on your body’s signals and act honestly on them.

Move your body every day.

Change the rhythm of your breath.

Release the love-cuddle hormone.