21st Century Love

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Read or listen to the following 7-minute blog post. You know your preferred choice.

  • Do you understand love?

  • Do you want love?

  • Do you long for love?

  • Do you expect love from others?

  • Do you want our own love story?

I get it AND love is evolving, so it's not what you think it is…

What if I told you that the sooner you understand the energy of love, the sooner you could align with it?

What if I told you that with all your expectations, you could literally create happiness when you expand to this evolving love?

Sage calls this love 20/20 LOVE.

When you awaken 20/20 LOVE, you can bypass all the patterns you keep getting caught up in. And by aligning with 20/20 LOVE, you can experience love every single day. You can live 20/20 LOVE and your world will never be the same.

Not only is the focus of the world on love, but it's ready for the energetic uplevelling of love. I see the need for it every day, don’t you?

That's where '20/20 LOVE: It's Time To Activate The Next Level of Loving' comes in.

20/20 LOVE is brimming with the next evolutionary turn of love because love isn't static. Love is dynamic. And this love is being created as you live and learn and evolve.


“This is how we would describe the energetics, at this time. For as you watch your own world, as you observe all that is going on within your observations of planet, of humanity, of animal and plant life and so forth, you would be the first to see that there is a next level of love that is being created at this time. 

Love is a dynamic, as we have said in previous messaging. It is the stuff of life. The glue that keeps it all together. Love is source energy. Love is expansive energetics. 

If you could imagine the room bursting with light, if you could imagine your heart bursting with joy, the biggest beaming you could feel or imagine, that is love. It is the next level of love.

Now, you are practical human beings within the demographic you represent. You wish to understand how love is different for you, what this means to your relationships, what types of love we are referring to. What does the future look like? What is love? 

And so we have created this focus theme of course in your month of love because it is time you understood, and could then activate, even more of this next level love. This full spectrum love.

We tell you the future of love has arrived. You have created a new understanding of love.  And so we will take you back throughout your history as human beings on your planet. We will give you the broad brushstrokes of the formings of love, what love was expected to be, what love was assumed to be. 

We must remind you of romantic love, lust, love beyond being an emotional, love being a drive. We must remind you of marriage, arrangements, contracts. 

There is much that we wish to share with you that went on in previous centuries of your time. And then we will introduce the 21st century love.  This is the love you are in the midst of creating as you are entering the Soul Age. 

It is not based on a singular form of love. It is, of course, based on the integration of previous forms to create something magical, mindful, meaningful. 

We remind you that on your planet there is much integration of thought, integration of formings. You see that what was separate is now coming together and joining together and forming together, so you have multi-relational beings. You have recognition that it is not black or white. It is not male or female. 

There is a great coming together that is occurring on your planet. An acceptance that love permeates through the polarities. 

We wish to share more of this understanding with you…”

If you feel the next level of LOVE calling you to understand and initiate it, there are 7 more messages from Sage in the online on-demand self-study eCourse, ‘20/20 LOVE’ . Today only I’m offering it to you for $29.. ‘20/20 LOVE’ is brimming with the next evolutionary turn of love. Read all the details here: https://www.jonnigray.com/about-love

Who are the 3 People Who Have Had the Biggest Impact on Your Life?

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Have a listen or read the 4-minute blog post.

Who are the 3 people who have had the biggest impact on your life? The 3 people who have had the biggest influence?

Not the most positive impact and influence either. In fact, that's not the intent of the question.

If you looked for positive only, you would only be choosing from a selection of those people who have made an impact on you. A list of positive influences only would likely base its choice on who those three people 'should be', perhaps because of their significant roles in your life.

But I'm not asking that.

I'm asking:

  • Who has had the biggest impact on your life - so far?

  • Who shaped you, whether you wanted them to or not?

  • Who do you still hear in your head?

  • Who has coloured your world?

I asked myself the question and without hesitating, I knew the three people in my life who have influenced me the most, who’ve had the biggest impact on my life, were, Janice, Connor, and Cheryl.

Janice was a larger-than-life character. She also happened to be my mother in this life. She pushed me to become who I am today. It wasn't pretty, but it was a gift. Janice is still in my head every day. I hear her human pushing and influence. I also hear her soulful encouragements. Quite the colour.

Connor happened to be my son in this life, but again, that role isn't why he had the most impact on my life. His colour of impact was the opposite of Janice's, but the gifts were the same. And unlike Janice, his soul self is seamlessly integrated with his human representative.

Cheryl came into my life in the role of a client but changed my life forever when we ignited our soul promise and brought through Sage. Over the years, the human and soul bond solidified. I can think of it no other phrase but soul sister to describe the continued impact she has on my life.

Now it's your turn. Take a few minutes. Write who, and why. Tuck your list away. Reread it a year or so from now. See if it rings true as time goes by.

For many people, a member (or 2) of their family may likely land in their top 3 list. Makes sense. That’s why I wanted to highlight the online on-demand self-study eCourse, ‘Family Freedom’ and offer it for $29 today. ‘Family Freedom’ is not ‘The Story of Family’. You know the stories. It’s the truth you’re ready for. Right? Read all the details here: https://www.jonnigray.com/about-family

The Shifting Energetics

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It’s February. It’s Ground Hog Day - a day to remember you’re evolving. ;) So we have a message from Sage.

Have a listen to the 8-minute version as it was channelled in meditation form or read the transcript below.

“As Sage, we have gifts to help you align with the energetics, to align with where you are, to show you how everything aligns in its potentiality, in its opportunity. 

When it does not feel in alignment, we ask you to step back and see what is occurring, see the patterns which are repeating, see the over or under creation of your masculine or feminine drive, see your expectations and your assumptions.

You have heard many speaking of the earthly changes and movements. This is not a new topic of discussion, however, at this time it is referred to as climate change, global warming, and such. 

As Sage, we are reminding you that as your earth changes, it is because you are changing. The current energetics at this time are of a unique opportunity, a fork in the road if you will, between shifty energy and shifting energy. 

You may see those or even yourself who are shifty, who are keeping out of eye level, eye view, who are behind closed doors, who are attempting to go and be unnoticed and unseen. And those who are shifting, who are exposing, who are becoming more transparent, who are vulnerable, who are speaking of all that they are and moving forward with the understanding that they are aligning more and more and more.

And so your earth’s shifting is occurring. The pattern is not as clear as one would assume from previous centuries and decades, but rather, it is shifting in temperatures and weather and earthly challenges and opportunities and so forth. 

This would indicate, of course, that the times of change are occurring. We have spoken of evolution rather than revolution. We have spoken of you, evolving. That you are here during the evolutionary times.

It may not feel as though you are doing a lot, and some days it may feel you have done very little. You may look back over 5 years and believe you have not accomplished much. Yet we tell you to look back over 10 years, 15 years, and more, to see that you are evolving. 

As you are evolving, you are like the planetary changes which are now occurring, so there is disruption, there is contrast, there is polarity, there is all manner of uncomfortableness, messiness, and so forth.

Do not be afraid. Rather, you must embrace. 

“Do not be afraid for nothing will happen”, does not mean “You will be safe and protected from harm”, but rather, “Do not be afraid of the changes for that is why you incarnated on the earth at this time in your demographic”. 

You are the accumulation of all and so you represent the all. You do not represent only one side which would be fear, or only one side which would be pure integrity and progressive. You represent the range that you are, that humanity is, that your earth is, in its densest form.

You represent the beauty and the chaos. You represent it all. You are all. You must show your colours. You must feel and own and accept your colours at this time. That is all.”

Changing Your Channel

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Now you can read or listen to the blog post. The choice is yours.

Change is in the air. Can you feel it?

There’s an enormous opportunity to change now if you want to, or if you feel you must, or if there’s no other way forward.

So, if you are ready to change, the first thing you need to change is your perspective.

Your perspective is comprising of your living, changing moments of vision, and as much as you might like to think your perspective is constant, it's not. Because you are not constant. You are ever-changing. And so your perceptions change with you. They are simply your unique, subjective viewpoint.

There will be many who vehemently protest that this is absurd, of course. They will roll their eyes, shake their heads and say, "You can't change reality. It's just the way it is." And then they might have a drink and see it all differently. Ah, that famous altered state of consciousness cocktail.

Or over time they might see things differently because their ageing has changed their perspective. But they may never see that they see it differently, saying instead: "The situation has changed. The world has changed. I still see it the way I always have."  And if that works for them, let's just leave them be.

But I’m sure you can admit that really, your perspective is always changing and so you change along with it. Why?

Because you have a uniquely angled view of the world and yourself and so your perspective is slightly different from the next person.

Because time changes your view and your own personal experiences change your view and what you read and see changes your perspective.

And ultimately, you can become aware that your perspective is really a matter of choice.

The level of reality that we all more or less agree on is called consensus reality, or primary reality. It's very basic. An apple to me is an apple to you, kind of agreement.

You operate more or less from this flat-reality, detouring slightly under the influence of altered states of consciousness (alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation, and the like), or intrigued by expanded perspectives (philosophy, hearing a speakers tale, love, endorphin highs, etc.). But you don't typically allow that shift in perspective to affect your life and your vision of life, as you continue living it.

But you can.

  • You can define higher consciousness (or expanded awareness) as your primary reality.

  • You can develop a trust of it as your belief system, making the physical reality the not the only one.

  • You can choose to see that there is more to life than the flat-reality.

  • You can invite or engage those perceptions into your viewpoint if you want to live in the sense of more, and if you want to establish a significantly brighter perspective and life.

Your physical brain is built for it. You have some vital, tangible components within you to substantiate your ability to trust that there is more to life - more to living - than just meets the eye.

Your choice of perception though is not just is what you do. It's how you do it. You know this in your head, but so often forget it, as you live your life.

The how factor is a non-linear, multifaceted experience that's always difficult to explain to someone because it's so personal. It’s like trying to explain love to someone. Tell them how love has so many layers and dimensions of experience and see if they can feel it by your description. Of course, they can't. Not enough. Which is why people say that until you're in love, you don't know what it's like.

Reality is the same thing. The flat-reality is the baseline for the three dimensions of physical matter that is only one channel. And there is a multitude of channels of reality! Without knowing that, you typically pick your favourite channel: the one that works for you, the one you were taught, or the one you were told you should strive for.

Perhaps your perspective - your channel of choice - challenges you, or makes you feel good, or perhaps your choice makes you feel bad, but you keep on that channel regardless, believing you don't have another choice, telling yourself, "Life is hard; I was dealt a bad hand; I have to do it this way", and other limited justifications.

Regardless of which choice of perspective you use, that channel is how you, therefore, connect to life. It's your viewing window. And you look at everything in the world and everything within yourself through this specific channel. That's powerful.

If you want support in changing YOUR channel of perspective, I’m offering my premier change eCourse on demand today only for $100 saving. You can download it now for $29. Read all the details and take advantage of this leverage support today.

Change Truths

Things are changing. AND things have to change. That’s because change is inevitable. Nothing on the planet stays the same.

So, either you change or change will happen to you. One way or another, it’s going to happen. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be the one forced or pushed to change. I’m sure you’d rather have the freedom to make the changes you know need to happen. Even as uncomfortable as change may be, you want to be on this side of change, rather than getting caught up in the pressure of the undertow.

  • Maybe you’re feeling something that something HAS to change.

Your emotional reactions? Your repeating patterns? Your financial story? Your time management? A relationship?

  • Maybe you’re feeling the change that IS happening.

Leadership? Power? Control? Community? A new world order?

  • Maybe YOU have to make some changes.

You’ve hit a wall? You have a diagnosis? You can’t take it anymore? You know there is something more?

Because I’ve had a LOT of change happen TO me, I’ll share with you what I do.

Over the years I’ve created a list I call my Change Truths. They are reminders to me of all the positive benefits there are to change.

I keep the list on my bulletin board above my desk and as much as I love change, I only love it when I’m on top of it. When I’m not the one making the changes, when a change is imminent or suddenly happens, when I am suddenly out of control, my list serves me well. It inspires and strengthens me. I read over the Change Truths slowly. Out loud. And feel the power of the words.

Of my 12 Change Truths, some are more original than others, but each one feels personal and palpable to me. Maybe they’re your Change Truths too. Or maybe you can start creating your own from my list.

Either way, Change Truths can support your vision and momentum. You will want to resource yourself with them before you really need them.

  1. When a change occurs in my life, so does my growth potential.

  2. I have everything I need to change my life for the better.

  3. I empower myself when I change the direction, speed, and focus of my life.

  4. Change is a beautiful learning experience and I welcome it.

  5. My body, emotions, and mind are open to trying new things in my life.

  6. I easily and effortlessly flow with all the changes in my life.

  7. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

  8. When I change my thoughts and how I feel, I change my life’s path.

  9. I handle every change with grace for I know that each change has a purpose.

  10. I can be the change I want to see around me.

  11. My desire for change is healthy and fuels my intentional future.

  12. All the power to change and evolve lies within me.

As a Change Agent, I’m here to support you in making the changes you know to make AND in helping you to understand why and how. Let’s talk. https://www.jonnigray.com/soul-sessions

In Good Time


Here it is nearly mid-January. Do you have enough time in your day or do you have more day than time?

We often feel we don’t have enough time in the day. And then we check the clock which confirms it. Or we feel we have plenty of time still. And then we check the time and are shocked.

What’s going on? How can we be so out of sync with time? So out of sync with the measurement of time?

The truth is, time and our out-dated measurements are out of sync.

Our clocks and calendars are three-dimensional measurements. They are physical tools we have created to measure something that’s of the fourth dimension.

Yes, time is the fourth dimension. So how can we measure something of the fourth dimension with three-dimensional tools?


In history, the Greeks understood that time was too complex to be contained in only one word, so they had two words for it: CHRONOS and KAIROS.

That already sounds better. Time IS complex.

CHRONOS is the kind of time that we are most familiar with. The time that is marked and named, “2 o’clock,” and “Sunday, January 13th”.

We can watch CHRONOS time coming and going. It’s the time we use in the material world with appointments, calendars, and schedules. These items all exist in CHRONOS time.

The Greeks also spoke of KAIROS time, which is more fascinating and malleable.

KAIROS can be roughly translated to, “the right moment.” The most important and beloved events and things in our world usually exist only in KAIROS time, only when the 'time is right'. When the stars align. When it all comes together. When all points connect. However, you want to see it and describe it.

KAIROS time cannot be planned or mapped, no matter how much we wish it could be. “When will I find the one?” “When will I find a better job?”  “When will thing change?”

I have always known the connection to Sage as timeless time. At least that’s what I called it. It’s channelling, meaning moving beyond the three-dimensional-only reality. This allows the shift to the fourth dimension and beyond. This also explains why we often lose track of time when we meditate. And why we can’t continue to think and meditate at the same time.

What I have come to realize is that I create more KAIROS time when I meditate and when I channel consistently. When I make time for it, I create more time. That means things seem to line up more, line up better, flow, come together - whatever you call it.

By having a consistent practice - daily connection of depth and dimensional travel - I am creating time. There IS enough time in the day because KAIROS time has created it.

And CHRONOS time lines up better this way as well. My schedule and calendar flows more seamlessly. It almost feels as though it takes less time to get things done. It’s a great feeling.

So, you too can create this more synchronized flow of both CHRONOS and KAIROS time. If you already have a multidimensional practice, slip into it daily. If you want to start one, try my free 20-day one found here: https://www.jonnigray.com/isoul20

Taping into connection beyond the three-dimensional reality will develop the integration of both kinds of time. And it’s all about the integration.

Body of Knowledge

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Just a quick note to tell you that registration ends today for the 12-week, 24-message MasterCourse - THE EVOLUTIONARY BODY.

If you KNOW there’s more to your body than what you eat and what you do (or don’t do) with it - then you’re ready to know more about this amazing creation. You’re ready to give your mind & body the next level of SPIRIT•SOUL•BODY INFUSION.

REGISTRATION ENDS TODAY for this 12-week, 24-message MasterCourse with ALL NEW MUSIC COMPOSITIONS.

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Breathe & Love: Sage Speaks To The New Year

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"When we remind you to breathe, we are asking for your full focus. We know your mind is full of this and that. Your emotions are keyed up. It is the current energetic influence at this time. And so by focusing on your breath you can dial yourself down as though dimming a light. Just ease it down until you have lowered the thoughts and emotions and found the peace and calm in this moment at this time. 

With your breath, follow along and breathe in as though you are breathing in the planet Earth. Breathe in the planet Earth. Breathe in the round, whole, full energy of the planet. Love her with every breath. Love her within your body. Breathe in all the emotion that the moon is reflecting on the planet. Breathe in all the energy on the planet that is getting stirred up at this time. 

It is indeed being stirred. It has old patterns, previous fears, insecurities, doubts, and it is weakening the whole. It is being highlighted at this time. Highlighted with the magnifying lens of the New Year. 

The earth is bringing her attention to every little thing at this time. It can feel intense. It may feel too much or it may feel intimate. 

Whether you are spiralling up or spiralling down, there is more than enough at this time. Your planet is giving you these opportunities as pressure points. Giving you moments and days to feel the pressure. 

The weather may feel as pressure to you. The groups and companies and communities and causes and leaders can feel as pressure to you. Relationships of every kind can feel as pressure. 

Pressure can spiral up to bring out the highest most expansive version of you, to fulfill and expand, to step up and out. Or pressure can spiral down and constrict and limit and cause you to feel scarcity, cause you to feel hopeless. 

At this time you may be standing on the cusp, observing those who are spiralling up and those who are spiralling down. You may be observing those who are easily influenced by the pressure of the end of year. And we tell you that you have the vantage position to look at it all and observe and breathe and love.”

The Evolutionary Body

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Are you feeling in between right now?

  • In between Christmas and New Year’s?

  • In between this year and next year?

  • In between where you are and where you want to be?

Then this is the time to wake up to the life you came here to live.

The New Year means a new lease on life, and life begins in the body…

On January 7th, I’m delivering a new channelled MasterCourse that’s for those who know they need to up their understandings of their body in order to elevate their inner and outer selves.

This 3-month MasterCourse is for those who want to seriously activate more understanding of living as soul in a physical body every day.

The winter MasterCourse is for those who are ready to commit deeper to living as soul in an elevated & integrated physical form.

Am I speaking about you?

REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY for this 12-week, 24-message MasterCourse with all new music compositions. Make THIS your New Year’s commitment to yourself.

Christmas Message: The Next Level of Love

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If you can steal a few minutes by yourself today, bask in the love of Sage’s words for today:

“You, as soul, are a light being. Your light is requested at this time to impact the entire universe, not just your community, your family, or even your country or your region or the planet. 

The collective light of those on the planet who commit to raising their vibrational energetic being to the highest level possible is what will transform the universal energy to its next level of love. 

This next level of love however, must be felt, lived, and experienced by the energetic beings on the planet for it to collectively impact the universe. This means that every single individual energetic being on the planet must deeply connect to loving behaviour, loving the planet as an energetic angelic being. 

You may hear this and think you need to be as an angel, perhaps all-forgiving and all-encompassing. This is not what we are referring to. 

Love can be shown in many ways that may not appear as love on the physical level, but at its essence, the energetic source is love. 

For example, if someone is in a toxic relationship, and one of the energetic beings in the relationship recognizes they are not able to be their most loving energetic self based on the toxicity of the relationship, the most loving choice would be for the person to vacate the relationship. 

You might say this gives people excuses to make choices that they say are ‘in love’ but they may not be in love, and we say, you will always know it is an energetic choice of love because it will feel profoundly right. It will feel as if there is no other choice evident other than the choice that leads to higher energetic vibration for each individual. 

Your month of December is about bringing people together in partnerships and tribes. Collective groupings of energetic higher vibrational energy is required at this time. 

This requires partnerships to find common purpose that goes beyond the physical of the relationship, that magnifies the love together, that takes the love of one high level energetic being and magnifies it, multiplies it, and shares it with more.

Love cannot be contained. Collectively, for those who vibrate with the same common purpose, by choosing to align energies, by choosing to join lights, planet Earth creates a laser beam of love through the universe. 

This laser beam joins with the laser beams from other life sources in the universe who are collectively making the choice to higher energetic behaviour and demonstration of love. 

At this time you may be feeling the shift away from self interest, away from self development, although it is necessary for each individual to do their own work on their higher vibrational energy. 

Once a level of energetic vibration has been achieved, there is no choice but to share it, and to look at how you can impact the abilities of others to raise their energetic vibrational levels. 

Picture a spark right now, perhaps from a match being struck. In darkness, it is a light that becomes very apparent. Now picture a thousand matches being struck in the same room. How does that shift the amount of light?

You must look beyond the ways you have been using to reach other lights. Everything you do must be infused with your desire to magnify the lights, to raise the energetic vibrational beings you attract in your work and you have in your life, bringing the most energetic love to each person you think about or connect with. 

This does not mean you must choose to spend time with these people or even to ‘like’ them. You simply embody higher energetic vibrational love. Those who are vibrating at the same frequency will join your light, and collectively you will be attracted to serve the common purpose.

For those who cannot vibrate at that frequency, they will simply not become part of the inner circle you are attracting as part of your common purpose group. 

This can be difficult for those with traditional models of family and friends. There are those raised with religious background, for example, who believe that love means you accept everyone for everything. That is why there are so many people who are dysfunctional in their religiousness because they make themselves martyrs. 

They seethe with revenge thoughts, regrets, and obligation, and that is not love. 

They think they are being loving because on the surface they are making a choice that is perceived physically as a loving choice, when in fact the more loving choice is choosing not to vibrate, or be with those who are not able to receive the love. 

At this time, the biggest questions you can ask yourself are,

  1. “How can I make the leap to the next level of love?”

  2. “How can I be love and do love?”

  3. “What is the most loving choice in this moment for myself and for others?”

When Things Heat Up, It's Time to Start Cooking

December 22 '18 PM - facebook.jpg

Things are really heating up. Do you feel it? I’m not just talking about Christmas. I’m talking about the ABOUT-FACE we are being asked to do.

If it feels as though 2018 was difficult and frustrating and you weren’t getting ahead - you’re not alone. There were a lot of dominant influences that pressured us, suppressed us, and limited the flow of love in all its forms.

But as 2019 approaches, we really are doing an ABOUT-FACE. We are aligning with the position of responsible choice and integrated action to work TOGETHER, in UNITY, in HARMONY.

That influence and dynamic is true whether you are a company, a country, a family, or an individual.

As an individual, you want to work WITH your mind and emotions, WITH your spirit and your soul. You want to work WITH your masculine and feminine, your past and future, your conscious and unconscious patterns.

And everything funnels through your body.

So, this winter, I’m bringing through a focused theme all about the body. As I’ve said, it’s the biggest MasterCourse I’ve ever brought through because it’s the biggest area of our human dominant reality.

January’s MasterCourse speaks the universal truth about everything to do with your body - your looks, your health, the future of your body, your DNA, your body beliefs, your inner workings, your aging process…

In the new year, the focus is on ‘The Evolutionary Body: Elevation of the Inner & Outer You’. It’s a 12-week MasterCourse that runs from January 7th to March 27th, because spring will look even brighter when your body lines up with your beliefs and actions.

Registration opens on Saturday. I’ve got to get back to present wrapping. Later.

Is It Too Soon To Talk About A New Year's Body?

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As I stuff my face with Christmas cookies, I type this. Okay, maybe not stuff, but still…nibble, nibble…just one more.

Let me back up. In the New Age the focus was on the spirit, not so much the body. It was as though we all woke up to realize we were not only a human having a spiritual experience, but were in fact a spirit having a human experience.

Mic drop.

Then came the Soul Age. In the Soul Age, we focus on the spirit, the soul, the mind, the emotions, the body - all the moving parts of our complex selves. So we are not waking up to realize we are a soul or that our emotions are valid. We are waking up to integrate all the moving parts together, in harmony.

Instead of believing your soul is more important than your body, or your spirit is more valid than your emotions, there is a recognition that we are the sum of it all and therefore all aspects are important.

Right now, there’s a significant focus on the body. The earth’s body is reflecting this. The planet is asking for more care and understanding, more respect and love. And so are our bodies.

This winter, I’m bringing through a focused theme all about the body. It’s the biggest MasterCourse I’ve ever brought through because it’s the biggest area of our human reality. And it’s time to FACE IT.

When we can uplevel our understanding of how the body best works, why the body does what it does, how evolution has already affected and will continue to affect the body, what the body wants, and how our bodies are connected to our spirit, soul, emotions, and mind, we are on our way to elevating both the inner and outer body to align with all the other moving parts of who we are.

In the new year the focus is on ‘The Evolutionary Body’ - a 12-week MasterCourse from January 7th to March 20th.

I’ll give you more details very soon. Back to my tea and cookies.