Is It Too Soon To Talk About A New Year's Body?

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As I stuff my face with Christmas cookies, I type this. Okay, maybe not stuff, but still…nibble, nibble…just one more.

Let me back up. In the New Age the focus was on the spirit, not so much the body. It was as though we all woke up to realize we were not only a human having a spiritual experience, but were in fact a spirit having a human experience.

Mic drop.

Then came the Soul Age. In the Soul Age, we focus on the spirit, the soul, the mind, the emotions, the body - all the moving parts of our complex selves. So we are not waking up to realize we are a soul or that our emotions are valid. We are waking up to integrate all the moving parts together, in harmony.

Instead of believing your soul is more important than your body, or your spirit is more valid than your emotions, there is a recognition that we are the sum of it all and therefore all aspects are important.

Right now, there’s a significant focus on the body. The earth’s body is reflecting this. The planet is asking for more care and understanding, more respect and love. And so are our bodies.

This winter, I’m bringing through a focused theme all about the body. It’s the biggest MasterCourse I’ve ever brought through because it’s the biggest area of our human reality. And it’s time to FACE IT.

When we can uplevel our understanding of how the body best works, why the body does what it does, how evolution has already affected and will continue to affect the body, what the body wants, and how our bodies are connected to our spirit, soul, emotions, and mind, we are on our way to elevating both the inner and outer body to align with all the other moving parts of who we are.

In the new year the focus is on ‘The Evolutionary Body’ - a 12-week MasterCourse from January 7th to March 20th.

I’ll give you more details very soon. Back to my tea and cookies.

I've Got Your Back in the New Year

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As you snuggle in with both winter and the holiday season, New Year’s may seem far away. But it’s not.

There’s no better time to allow your mind to wander forward into the new year, then now. And as it wanders to how next year can be ‘different’, how next year you can ‘turn it all around’, let me plant some seeds.

I have it on good authority that next year WILL be vastly different than 2018 was. The dominant influences are shifted or have already shifted. You may already be feeling this release.

That means you can DIG IN this winter with more depth and commitment. After all, the season of winter is all about depth.

So, for the first time ever, I’m bringing through a focused theme for an entire season. A MasterCourse of 12 weeks! From January 7th to March 21st, I’m inviting you to commit to the depth of winter. In that commitment, we can change the world. And we’re going to start with elevating YOU.

I’ll give you more details very soon.

Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

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As seen through the soulful eyes of a gifted astrologer, the winter sky reveals much promise and purpose.

Astrology doesn’t tell you what WILL happen. Instead, the planets reveal the greatest influences affecting everyone. With a current reading of the map of the stars, you’ll have a head’s up sign prior to decision making and emotionally responding. And THAT’S the gift of astrology.

Have a listen now to my chat with Marielle Croft and hear what the winter sky whispers…

Soul Seekers Unite

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During December's mad rush and outright rigor, you can step into something more...

  • December's MasterCourse is for those who know they need to need to up their experiences & understanding of their soul in order to enrich not only their December, but their everyday life.

  • December's MasterCourse is for those who want to seriously activate more experience & expression of living as soul on a moment-by-moment basis.

  • December's MasterCourse is for those who are ready to commit deeper to living as soul by experiencing more soul depth through channelled journeys.

December's 'Journey of the Soul' begins Monday. Registration ends at midnight.

Registration Opens Today

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There really are a lot of demands on our time and wallet (and patience!) in the month of December. And usually - but not this year! - you give to yourself, last.

This year you can give a little something to yourself twice a week. Literally, two JOY RIDES a week. They won't take long, but they have LASTING EFFECTS!

I'm talking about two channelled JOURNEYS a week. There's no 'theme' other than: 

  • Journeys to LIFT YOUR SPIRIT


  • Journeys to TOAST PEACE ON EARTH


  • Journeys to RING IN THE NEW YEAR


You get the picture. 

'Journeys Of the Soul' is a 4-week 8-part channelled MasterCourse brought through to inspire and remind you of all that you are.

Is it Too Early For a Christmas Message?

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December 1st and the energy is THICK with Christmas plans, obligations, scheduling, shopping, socializing... But what about the Christmas Spirit?

If you're like me, you appreciate a Christmas message BEFORE things really get ramped up. So I've taken an excerpt from the December chapter of  'AT THIS TIME' because the message is truly timeless. 

The message is to be embraced and lived. And THAT'S how you uplevel your holiday season this year.

In December, love is the amplified energetic, regardless of whatever religion one studies or believes in. It is really about amplifying the love of humanity, the love of self, the love of other. 

What does that look like? 

What we wish to have highlighted in December is gifting in the form of energetics rather than purely in the gifting of physical gifts. 

As you are selecting physical gifts, ask yourself, “Do they energetically align with the message of love that I wish to portray or relay to the person I’m gifting to?” 

As you are wrapping the gift, are you infusing the wrapping paper and the gift and the bows and the card you write with love?

This is different than the frenetic pace of having to go out to get things to give to others so you look as if you are a good person, or you look as if you are doing the holidays right, or that you’re commercially getting the pleasure of the person receiving the gift, or that you’re looking for approval because you’ve given a physical gift.

Instead, we wish for your month of December to be about the energetics of love that infuses any physical object. We wish for you to look at the physical receiving of gifts and also acknowledge the energetics, that you speak of love to the giver of that gift.

As always, we wish to give you a practical example.

Perhaps you open a gift, and before you even touch the wrapping, you are present with the energetics of it. By being present with the energetics, you would connect to the intention of the giver. You would connect to the energetic field of the giver. 

Then, with intention, unwrap the gift with the reverence of a sacred package being presented, looking at the physicalness of the gift, not judging it as to whether it is appropriate, or whether it is something you want, or whether it is something that is expensive. 

Ask yourself if the gift is received with the love and intention it was sent with. Notice the levels of intention you connect to as you do this. You will notice the gifts that were perhaps purchased in a rush because the person felt they had to just because of the season. There is no judgment to the layer of where people are at. 

As you truly understand love, you will know that there are layers and layers and layers and layers to infinity of love. There is never an end to love. There is never a cut off to love. There is only the constriction that you as a human will give to love. 

Gifts are a physical human way of sharing love, however, somewhere in the commercialism of the month, this gets forgotten. We would like you to really focus on the love you see as you are going through your days, as you are going through the busyness, refraining from using the word busy, and instead saying, “Life is full”, and really being present with the abundance of your life, and the love that you have. 

If you are feeling perhaps low or down because the holiday season does not represent joy or a sense of love to you, perhaps because of situations in your life where the season is a reminder of loss, connect instead to the physicalness of that. 

Be present with the layers of love you can connect to. That may mean detaching from the physical representation of the season and resourcing yourself at a higher level than ever before, because often in the month of December you are giving of your energy while not replenishing or resourcing. 

In December, resourcing yourself is of utmost necessity in order to be able to gift with love. Otherwise, it is inauthentic and insincere. It is not really love. It is seeking physical approval of identity. 

Gifts can come in many forms. The gift we wish to share with you in connecting to Sage is that the connecting to Sage will continue. It will continue to be of the deepest and most expansive source of sacred ascended guided enlightenment messages. It will be of truth. It will be of accountability. It will be of responsibility. Most importantly, it will be of sacred universal spirit love. 

Our wish for humanity is as it has always been, to heighten, expand, elevate, and deepen every human’s capacity to love. To connect to the soul-based version of love, which is not of physical attachment. 

When you end the month of December, look at envisioning your next year and what you want it to be from the central locus and focus of love. 

Ask yourself how you can bring more love to your work, how you can infuse more love into your relationships, how you can love with true non-attachment, and how you can have the conversations that are necessary to have in order to free up the energy and create space.

We ask you to truly sit with, and meditate on this. Then set a vision of the legacy you are creating for your next year. Ask yourself what your legacy was, and what you want it to be for next year. What do you want the energy of who you are to be remembered as in this year, and in the year to come?

That is all.”

It's Time To Soar

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I promised you more information about December's MasterCourse.

I know it's about wings and love and creation. It's about choice and time and flow. It also talks about dimensions and change and knowing and...

If I told you it was called JOURNEYS OF THE SOUL, I'm sure that would help you understand how those words all create the poetry of the course. 

And it IS poetry. It's a Christmas carol. EIGHT Christmas carols, in fact. They're hymns. Praises. Noëls. AND so much more. 

I feel that in the month of December we all need that extra supernatural lift that can guide us to a greater understanding AND give us extra support. 

I'll tell you more next week. This MasterCourse begins December 10th.

Have Yourself A Soulful Little Christmas

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It's one month and one day till Christmas. BUT it's really only one week until the Christmas MONTH begins. And for me (and you?) the Christmas SPIRIT is the whole month. 

I start smiling bigger, decorating intensity, and planning and shopping and inviting. And I start listening to Christmas carols. All. Day. Long. 

I LOVE Christmas carols. I love the memories they evoke. I love the special magical music. I love the hopefulness and optimism. And I love the words, the lyrics of the carols.

Have you ever really listened to the words in your favourite Christmas carols? 

  • “Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Let your heart be light. From now on your troubles will be out of sight.” 

  • “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight. Walking in a winter wonderland.” 

  • “Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time in the city. Ring-a-ling, hear them ring, soon it will be Christmas day.” 

  • “Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy, do you hear what I hear?” 

  • “The mood is right, the spirits up. We’re here tonight and that’s enough. Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.” 

The words and music transport me. And that's why I feel Sage is getting me ready to bring through a very special Christmas course - with words and music to give us the SAME EXPERIENCE as our favourite Christmas carols.

Watch this space for more details as they come through.

Mercury's Back & She Brought Gifts

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If you're extra sensitive, you may already be feeling the effects of the planet Mercury's retrograde movement. The smallest and innermost planet Mercury actually is retrograde from November 16th to December 6th (more or less).

This is your reminder not to blame everything on the retrograde. Instead, use the gifts offered to you at this time.

Three or so times a year Mercury GIFTS you - yes, you read that right! - gifts you with the opportunity to refocus and do things differently.

Typically, Mercury's influence affects you in your communication and transportation, and in the 21st century, communication and transportation RULE. So, Mercury has a bigger and stronger effect now, more than ever before in history.

Think about it. The internet and your many devices represent communication and transportation. All vehicles - planes, trains, and automobiles - transport how and when and where you receive goods and often services, and how much you are able to be mobile as well. You don't get very far without accurate and dependable communication and transportation these days.


You roll with it. You have to keep on living. You can't stop and blame, BUT you can understand and plan and allow.

That means using your consciousness in its balance of masculine (planning) and feminine (allowing), rather than getting extra emotional (underdeveloped feminine) and over controlling (underdeveloped masculine) to take over during that time.


1) During a retrograde, it may FEEL AS IF communication and transportation have slowed down or even stopped. It's the pause that allows you to rethink, reevaluate, replan, realign, etc. USE IT! Accept Mercury's gift. DO NOT try and push through it. That's TOO MUCH masculine. Too pushy.

2) If your computer or another device - even your vehicle - becomes glitchy or even breaks down during a retrograde, it's telling you, you need to upgrade. Not DURING the retrograde, but soon enough afterward. The pause allows you to plan it, organize it, and work to make it happen soon.

3) If there are documents, contracts, or important emails you need to attend to during a retrograde, hang back. Mercury's influence means you won't see everything that's there. Facts may be omitted. Information may be confusing. The pause you take now allows you to reconsider, sit with it, feel it out, etc. USE the pause. Once Mercury goes direct again, THEN you're ready with full intention and drive.

4) If someone from your past pops back in during a retrograde, it doesn't mean anything more than they have popped back in. Maybe it's a former lover, a friend, a family member. It's not fate or the stars. It's not destiny or 'suppose to be'. It's Mercury's influence that says 'Hey remember me?’ These people pop back into your life, and YOU pop into other people's minds and lives during a retrograde as well. It's all related to communication and (energetic) transportation. Those who pop into your mind and life will likely pop back out again if you allow them too, rather than read more into it, or force it.


Even if you have the best intentions this go-round, when Mercury readjusts and asks you to as well, sometimes you get caught in the emotional undertow before you know it. 

If that happens to you, let’s talk. We can have a private one-on-one phone session for as short as 30 minutes (which can often make all the difference) or a series of 60-minute soul understanding and strategy building conversations to leverage your position and direction.

Just know you're not alone, and you can use Mercury's influence to pause, reevaluate, replan, and redo once Mercury goes direct again. THEN you'll say, "Thank you, Mercury." I promise.

The Top 7 Questions I Get Asked ABOUT SAGE - Part 2

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In my book, ‘Conduit’, I described how and when and why Sage came into my life. 

That may have answered a few questions about the past, but it doesn't answer questions about Sage today. After all, it's been 22 years since Sage made their presence known in my life.

So, I thought it was time I listed out the most repeated questions I get asked over and over again - and then answer them for everyone. The first 3 questions I answered here.

But there are more…

The Top 7 Questions:

  1. Do you talk to Sage, or do they talk to you?

  2. Does Sage talk to you all the time? 

  3. Is there anything Sage doesn’t talk about? 

  4. Does Sage tell you what to do or what your future will be?

  5. Have you known Sage in a past life?

  6. Can Sage answer my questions? 

  7. Can I book a reading to talk to Sage?

Does Sage tell you what to do or what your future will be?

In one word: no. Sage talks about the difference between the New Age and the Soul Age. In the New Age, many people looked for gurus and leaders and guides who would tell them things they believed they didn’t know. Sage tells us those people gave their power to them rather than learning how to access it and trust it themselves. That’s why Sage’s messages are all about the universal truth in the Soul Age. They never tell us what to do or what our future will be. They remind us of the truth and of our power to create our future.

Have you known Sage in a past life?

Sage has described themselves as a composite of multiple energetic streams. They are not one person. I have been connected to the energetics of Sage for many lifetimes.

Can Sage answer my questions? Can I book a reading to talk to Sage?

Because Sage does not want you to give your power to them (or anyone or anything), they do not answer personal questions. Instead, they help you to understand what your question is really all about. So rather than a problem/solution situation which means you are looking at something with a limited mind or vision, Sage helps you achieve a greater viewpoint of your situation. Then it’s not so much a problem you need an answer or solution for because you’re able to develop a bigger broader understanding and create a different scenario.

Having said that, no, I do not facilitate ‘readings’ with Sage. But all the messages in the monthly course I bring through are direct channelling of Sage. AND, those in the Soul Group Membership receive a personal message from Sage every month based on their current life situations and experiences. They tell me the personal messages are extremely illuminating!

The Top 7 Questions I Get Asked ABOUT SAGE - Part 1

November 13 '18.jpg

In my book, ‘Conduit’, I described how and when and why Sage came into my life. 

That may have answered a few questions about the past, but it doesn't answer questions about Sage today. After all, it's been 22 years since Sage made their presence known in my life.

So, I thought it was time I listed out the most repeated questions I get asked over and over again - and then answer them for everyone.

The Top 7 Questions:

  1. Do you talk to Sage, or do they talk to you?

  2. Does Sage talk to you all the time? 

  3. Is there anything Sage doesn’t talk about? 

  4. Does Sage tell you what to do or what your future will be?

  5. Have you known Sage in a past life?

  6. Can Sage answer my questions? 

  7. Can I book a reading to talk to Sage?

Do you talk to Sage, or do they talk to you?

In the beginning, I used to ask Sage specific questions. I used to also ask them to talk about specific subjects. Over the years that changed. It felt more aligned to ask them if they had anything they wanted to share with me. Since going public with Sage in 2012, we have a different relationship. It’s now one of influence at times and infusion at other times.

Think of couples or best friends who have been together for many years. They frequently finish each other’s sentences and know what the other one is often thinking. I feel Sage with me most of the time, influencing my thoughts and sometimes speaking directly into my mind as I do with them. However, when I bring through messages for courses or personal messages for members of the Soul Group Membership, it’s pure Sage and I am the direct conduit.

Does Sage talk to you all the time? 

I would say that Sage inspires and enhances most of my thoughts and words. At this stage of working/living/loving with them, I trust their influence in my one-on-one sessions and in many of my private conversations. Their influence is so seamless I doubt you could tell the difference. But for the most part, Sage communicates with me most of the time. When I go to sleep at night, it’s often as we’re conversing. When I wake up at night and in the morning, I can feel the conversations we were having. Throughout the day I can feel them always there but not always communicating. Yet, if I tune in, it sort of turns up the volume. ;)

Is there anything Sage doesn’t talk about? 

If there is, I have never found it! Over the years I’m always amazed by what Sage DOES talk about. For example, when they started to talk about myths and mysteries, aliens and Sasquatches, and I realized an entire course was being prepared, I was dumbfounded. It felt so X-Files, so Sci-Fi. But of course, it wasn’t that at all. It was so very much more. (Curious? You can check it out here.)

When Sage first began talking about the Soul Age it was most confusing to me. I’m sure I checked out of those talks until it became apparent that everything Sage ever talks about WAS about the Soul Age. Huge light bulb moment. The biggest. It tied it all together. Their name especially - SAGE. SOUL AGE.

How about I leave the rest of the Q&A for Saturday. You’ll want to read more then.

Seasonal Alignment

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Remembrance Day is always felt as quiet & sacred. It's also a time of recognizing we are deep into the season of fall. Here's what Sage has to say:

"It is the time of letting go.

The trees let go of the leaves.  The full colours of summer change direction and become a new spectrum of colour in your fall. The emotions follow the shifting colours, the letting go.

As Sage, we see that many of you are moving deeper into the cool, crisp, clear fall season. You are aware that every season has its gifts. And the season of fall can be one of beginning again, reinvigoration, reframing....

We wish to tell you that you have gone through a compression of time. Much has happened in a very short space of time in your linear counting. 

There has been a compression of time, a time change, a time warp, a matrix-like energy. Time could have felt as thick. As though you could only move through it slowly. 

The biggest opportunity for you at this time is to adapt to the nuances of time, to become part of this matrix energy, to tune into the universal energy and the season of fall, to know when it is time to reap and sow and plant. 

Fall is the season of reaping, of collecting the bushels of intention and energy and storing what you have learned and tucking it aside to reflect on before you enter the winter season. What you gather in the fall will nourish you into the future seasons. 

At this time, we ask you to you consider the seasons as they relate to your life. 

Consider the fall season in your relationships - the intentions you planted back in the spring in your relationships. If you planted the seeds of love and connection and growth and learning in the spring, you will reap deeper understanding, deeper connection, deeper relation to spirit and the universe in the fall.

It is through relationship that you know one another, that you know yourself. It is through relationship that you connect to your spirit at the highest level, because it is only through the reflection of another, that you can truly see yourself.

If your partner is in physical pain, they may be reflecting an unfelt pain that you may be experiencing. If you are calm, centred, and focused as a partner, you are reflecting to the partner that they have the capacity to be calm, centred and focused. To the level that you are committed to helping your partner grow, is what you reap from the seeds that were sown in the spring.

If you look at at the understanding of seasons in your work, what seeds did you sow in the spring? If you planted seeds of intention to grow, of intention to better the planet, of intention to serve, then you would have had blooming developments of your work over the summer season. Now into the fall season, you will be reaping the benefits of what you planted in the spring. 

Your season of fall is the time to be very clear. It is the time to re-evaluate the seeds that have been sown. The time to focus energy, and align with the universal waves of time.

Stress is experienced by those who try to operate in a season that they are not in. You can plant seeds in the fall, but because fall is not necessarily the season of planting, you may not reap what you have sown until the following spring or fall.

This is the time of alignment with the season of fall so you can flow with it and live your life according to its flow. This will give you the peace, the joy, the freedom that you seek.

And so we ask you, what does the fall season mean to you? How can you reap the efforts that you sowed in the spring? 

At this time we ask you to acknowledge the love and growth that you have achieved since the spring. Connect daily to the spirit of life not just the material or physical of life.

When you connect daily with the spirit of living through meditation, through walking in nature, through depth of connection, you align naturally with the flow of the seasons.

Stress is created when you attempt to go against the order of the universe. Now, more than ever, you will sense and know what it feels like to go against the flow of the seasons, and what it feels like to go WITH the flow of the seasons.

It is through connecting with the spirit of life that you can stay attuned to the new energies and the flow of the season of fall."