Are you Evolving or Going Around in Circles?

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I remember doing silly quizzes found in the magazines we brought to the beach. That was decades ago, but I'm feeling nostalgic. Mercury's Retrograde. It happens.

So I wanted to create a much BETTER QUIZ that held more significance and impact than 'Is Your Best Friend Really On Your Side?' or 'Name That Band?'


I've been taking A LOT about the Soul Age in recent writings because it defines and describes the ERA we are evolving into.

With that in mind, here's a 14-question quiz to assess where you are in the evolution. You can take it to the beach. ;)



Asking Questions; Getting Answers

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Are you beating the heat? Managing to find some shade and R&R time? (Me too.)

The more I'm in nature, the easier it is to hear all the questions in the ethers. That's likely because nature is a balm for the nervous system and when that balm is applied, there's a gentle wave of HYPER-COMMUNICATION that anyone can connect to. 

So as I'm sitting in the shade feeling the expansive open air with the sweet fragrance of my garden, I hear many, MANY questions. 

These questions are coming from those I connect with - readers, clients, members, students - you know who you are. In these uncertain times, there are TONS OF QUESTIONS.

And as I listened and received them, I began to realize that September - the ole 'back-to-school' time - was the perfect time to ask Sage these questions and to hear what they had to say. Afterall, that's why you're asking them, aren't you?

It all started a few months ago when I asked the committed women in the Soul Group Membership if they had any questions for Sage. Not personal questions, but bigger questions. Explanation questions. Questions that others are likely asking too.

Each member gave me their question. THAT'S when I began to hear questions in the ethers from the next level of those who connect to the energies of Sage.

Watch this space for more about these questions. And answers. ;)


Is Your Power in Question Right Now?

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Right now, everyone on the planet is feeling either powerFUL or powerLESS. Are you noticing this?

Some people don't understand their power or what they can do with it. While others very much understand it and utilize it to their greatest advantage.

Power is a potent energy. Power is using your capacity, your ability, your influence in a direction of choice.

  • You use your power when you make a decision.
  • You use your power to change something or to change yourself.
  • You can also give away your power by NOT making your own decision, by NOT making the changes you know to make.


We're seeing a lot of people right now OVER CONTROLLING, OVER POWERING their influence on others, doing everything they can to make others change, rather than BE THE CHANGE.


In order to realize more CONSCIOUS POWER, you'll want to understand as much as you can about YOURSELF and YOUR capacity, ability, and influence. 

If you start with self, you'll learn to consciously navigate your power in alignment with the spiritual and earthly principles of balance and integrity. 

Let's Tune into August - Tonight!

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Every month I offer a FREE MEDITATION on the 1st day of the month - except for August. 

This month I'm offering it on the 31st of July - so we can PREPARE for August.


In addition to being your Evolutionary Guide, I am a trained psychotherapist - a soul coach who aligns with sacred guidance through my work with Sage (read more here).

This universal truth comes through me in messages that are offered in multiple ways.


The LIVE way - the VIRTUAL way - is by joining me and a virtual group of other soul seekers in a 15-minute monthly gathering (via phone or non-visual conferencing through your computer) on Tuesday, July 31st at 6:30 PM.

Together we will attune to the current energetics in supporting the Earth's and humanity's vibrational evolution at this time. 

And it's FREE. My gift to you.

Registration is now open but closes at noon PST.

For the Independent, Self-Motivated -

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The heat wave continues here on the west coast of Canada. And with no less than 2 planets retrograding as well, I don't know about you, but I want to spend more time - WITH MYSELF.

If you are the independent, self-motivated, self-accountable type who is able to stay on track AND wants to embrace a spiritual path of true integration -  then Soul Self-Study is for you.

It's on-demand, online, so it's portable and accessible any day, from any device you have.


In addition to being your Evolutionary Guide, I am a trained psychotherapist - a soul coach who aligns with sacred guidance through my work with Sage (read more here).

This universal truth comes through me in messages that are offered in themed focused courses that work with elevating your awareness and knowledge.


As humans, we mostly subscribe to the earthly reality. And if you're still reading this, it's because YOU subscribe to the spiritual, the soulful, the greater reality - as well.

IN THE NEW AGE, spiritual understandings gave us much to consider, but not a lot of tools to integrate them into our earthly lives.

IN THE SOUL AGE, we're ALL ABOUT THE INTEGRATION. The focus is on living a life with multidimensional awareness, expanded perception, universal responsibility. 

It's about living more than a self-serving only life. It's about making conscious choices for all of life - yours and everyone else's.

And THAT'S the focus of everything I offer in Soul Self-Study. 

We're in this together. Even if you want to study on your own. ;)




Check them out. Take them for a test drive. Let me know what you think. 

It's all about the balance, baby!

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Summer may be second only to December as the most difficult time to create balance in your days. Or maybe it's a tie. Either way, balance is the subject, and struggle may be the name of the game.

Beyond the struggle of summer balance, most people talk about finding work/life balance. It's a subject that's relatively new. It's become a 'thing'. Who would have guessed a few generations ago we could even HAVE a balance between our work and our life. 

But the balance I'm really talking about in this post is even bigger than those two. It's the balance between what you know to be true in 'real life' - the physical realm - and what you know to be true spiritually - the greater reality realm. 


THE INFORMATION AGE that began more or less in the '50's, started to expose us to a lot of wake-up principles and truths. Information became a commodity, easily available and abundant. And with more and more information came more and more confusion.

THE NEW AGE that began more or less in the '70's, started to expose us to a lot of spiritual principles and truths. These metaphysical, ancient, ethereal beliefs and practices were typically not grounded in three-dimensional reality.

THE SOUL AGE is the age we are now entering into. It's exposing us to the need to integrate the principles and truths from both the Information and the New Age, rather than keep these realities and truths divided.


Sage tells us reminds us, that "the integration aspect is the largest element of the Soul Age." And integration is how we will find balance in our lives and in the world.

In the Soul Age, we are taking the physical and spiritual and entwining them together, allowing this integration to come to the wholeness of their origin.

That’s why we are getting visionary messages of universal truth & sacred guidance from Sage. They're giving us the foundational understandings of what happens after the Information & New Age. And I'm here to bring the messages through and help you apply them to YOUR life.



Sideways is a Direction, Too

July 24 '18.jpg

A lot of ‘things’ in the world have been going sideways this summer. You can see it and read it everywhere: plans, actions, dreams...

The summer is actually bringing this SIDEWAYS MOTION out more than it was before. Now it's becoming obvious.


If you thought GOING SIDEWAYS meant near-chaos or near catastrophe, then you'll need to see it in the bigger picture.

Going SIDEWAYS is just another directional flow. In evolutionary terms, everything ebbs & flows. Nothing stays the same. Things either progress or regress which means it looks like things go forward or backward. 

But what if things go SIDEWAYS? What does THAT mean?


Because going SIDEWAYS is a current energetics, I talked about it with my Soul Group Membership the other day. I told them to imagine a gliding ice skater on a rink. Sometimes they glide forward with a smoother faster pace and direction. Other times they take a corner perhaps too quickly - and instead of going obviously forward or backward, they go SIDEWAYS.

Going SIDEWAYS feels as though you are no longer going forward. But because you have been moving forward for a while, it FEELS as though you're moving backward.

But consider the ice skater. Are THEY moving backward? Or are they still moving forward but in a slower, SIDEWAYS way?


The pace has changed and the emotions may change along with it when you take the corner a bit too fast. 

Sage taught us reminded us that our emotions aren't universal truth. Our emotions are where we land. They are our earthly perspective at that moment. And they change with the information we're given. 

When we're going SIDEWAYS, when the world appears to be going SIDEWAYS, we do best when we remember that our perspective may be limited to our emotional and earthly views. 

Instead, feel the emotion, observe your thoughts, keep expanding your perspective on the bigger picture, on the evolutionary progression, and on what SIDEWAYS really means. Get resourced if you need support in attaining this viewpoint. (That's why I'm here.)

KNOW that things will flow in another direction soon enough. Like our emotions, evolution is not a straight path forward.


There Are Two Ways To Evolve

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Maya Angelou said, "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the change it has gone through to achieve that beauty".

I agree. That's why I love the process AND outcomes from the one-on-one Soul Sessions.



  • One is to ask for help when you are in crisis.
  • The other is to proactively shore up your resources & support so you are ready for any disruption that comes at you.

Because I am committed to your evolution, I have seen the MOST PROGRESS from those who take on a minimum of 6 sessions, and BREAKTHROUGHS from those who take on 12 sessions.

  • One session will give you a taste of the possibilities.
  • A commitment of 6 sessions will give you an awareness of where you are evolving toward.
  • A commitment of 12 sessions will breakthrough and create massive evolutionary change in your life.

You didn't establish your patterns and 'stuckness' in a day. This has happened over and over in your life.

I use an integrative approach focused entirely on you, your goals and what you want to create.

In one-on-one sessions, I will help you create a plan that you can implement and be held lovingly accountable to, for your greatest evolutionary growth. 

The one-on-one Soul Sessions can be used as either an addition to the Self Study to help you implement what you are learning, OR as part of the Soul Group Membership to focus on a specific area you are ready to breakthrough. 

Want to Join us this Summer?

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Summer. Is. On.

If you're like me, you are busy and doing. And because it's summer, you're likely overdoing.

There's a lot going on. There's a lot to take in. There's a lot to do.

Oprah Winfrey said, "Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher".

I agree. That's the goal. When you can.


So when you can, and when you're looking for those people, consider my ongoing Soul Group Membership. It's my premier fast-track program to breakthrough, deeper connection to self, and greater depth and meaning in your life. 


Go ahead and read all about this amazing group. Ask any member and they'll tell you that they receive the deepest sense of belonging they've always craved. 

As your Evolutionary Guide, I host every component of this incredible Group Membership. And there are too many to list here.

But read about them as you pour another lemonade...


The Soul Group Membership is food for your soul. Fuel to keep you thriving and moving forward.

Choose to resource yourself with an evolutionary guide and soul group to guide you to the truth, support your evolution, and hold you accountable to it.


Join anytime and be brought into the group circle. There is no other way of receiving personal messages from Sage AND personal face-time and realtime with me.

On-Demand has a Lovely Sound to it

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I have been asked again and again if I would offer monthly programs a second time. The very odd time I have, but for the most part, offering the focused theme messages as another monthly program hasn't felt quite 'right'.

Then I realized I COULD offer them as online, on-demand eCourses for the Self-Study person. For the person who feels the need for universal truth about a particular subject NOW, and wants to access them NOW.

So that's exactly what I've been creating. All summer long, I'll let you know when the next online on-demand eCourse becomes available. 

These eCourses are always timeless in their truth and subject matter. Now they will become timeless for your needs as well.



The entire multiple-part eCourse of your choice is available to you as soon as you register.

  • You have access to, and can download, the multiple MP3 channelled messages 
  • You have access to, and can download, the full transcripts of each of the universal truth messages
  • Each message builds on the previous, adding more truth & understanding to the course theme.

Currently, there are THREE ON-DEMAND eCOURSES available. Click on their images below for more information and to download today.

Here's What I Can Do For You

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For those of you who are new to these posts (there have been a lot of new subscribers lately!) and for those who've known me for decades, I'm Jonni. I'm here to help you live your best life, to help you get 'unstuck', and to help you evolve to be your best version of self.

Does this sound like you?

You are evolving. You are on the path of growth, change, and evolution. Life is happening at increasing speeds and you are eager to increase your awareness, understanding, and actions as it relates to your spiritual growth.

You hear the call to elevate & evolve your life. You are seeking soul-infused wisdom to:

  • Breakthrough the places you are 'stuck', and transform your life
  • Gain greater clarity about yourself, your identity, and the 'you' you are meant to be
  • Discover insights and perspectives on how to have more soulful relationships
  • Deepen understanding and make peace with the losses in your life such as death, divorce, job loss, or any major life change.
  • Shine the light on your patterns, be accountable to shifting your patterns, and create new empowered patterns
  • Leverage multiple levels of perspectives to help you share your uniques gifts through your work


There are 3 ways we can work together:

  1. Self Study allows you to access online content at your own pace so you will be able to apply soul-based wisdom and universal truth to your life
  2. Soul Sessions are personal one-on-one sessions with me where you will receive customized guidance to make major evolutionary leaps in your life
  3. Soul Group Membership is an exclusive group of committed women who join together for evolutionary and accelerated spiritual growth.


Whichever way you choose, I'm here to guide you to elevate & evolve your identity, grief, relationships, stories, work, these evolving times.

July & Beyond

July 3 '18 PM.jpg

Season changes don't just happen because the calendar says so. They are changes influenced by the Earth, the planets, and the sun, in their orbit.

Each seasonal change offers us a particular viewpoint, emotional point, energetic point, and Sage often speaks to that viewpoint and feeling.


"As Sage, we wish to share with you that we have been priming those who feel our connection through our channel. In our messaging themes each month, in our refined and personalized messagings for our channel’s membership group, in the daily messages we gives them, we have been priming. Our messages are to support your alignment with the energetics to show you that everything aligns in its potentiality, in its opportunity. 

When it does not feel in alignment, we ask you to step back and see what is occurring, see the patterns that are repeating, see the over or under creation of your masculine or feminine drive.

When your earthly season changes, we often bring through messaging. Your seasons are changing as the tectonic plates, the underground underwater shiftings, change. These shiftings cause your Earth to shutter. Sometimes to spew. Many of you have been speaking of these earthly changes and movements. We are reminding you that as your Earth changes, it is because you are changing.

The current energetics at this time are a unique opportunity, a ‘fork in the road’ if you will, between shifty energy and shifting energy. You may see those or even yourself who are shifty, who are keeping out of eye level, eye view, who are behind closed doors, who are attempting to be unnoticed and unseen, AND those who are shifting, who are exposing, who are becoming more transparent, who are vulnerably strong, who are speaking of all that they are and moving forward with the understanding and experience of aligning more and more and more.

And so your earth’s shifting is occurring. It shifts at these times you may call seasonal changes more and more. The pattern is not as clear from previous centuries and decades of your seasons, but rather they are shifting in temperatures and weather and earthly challenges and opportunities and so forth.

This would indicate, of course, that the times of change are occurring. We have spoken of evolution rather than revolution. We have spoken of you, evolving. That you are on your earth during the evolutionary times.

We tell you to look back over 10 years, 15 years, to see that you are evolving.  As you are evolving, you are as the seasonal changes which are now occurring. So there is disruption. There is contrast. There is polarity. There is all manner of uncomfortableness, messiness, and so forth.

We remind you not be afraid. It is the time to embrace the change. ‘Do not be afraid for nothing will happen’, does not indicate, ‘That you will be safe and God will protect you and so forth’, but rather, ‘Do not be afraid of the changes for this is why you incarnated on the Earth at this time in your demographic’.

You are the accumulation of all, and so you represent the all. You do not represent only one side which would be fear, or only one side which would be pure integrity and progressive. You represent the range that you are, the range that humanity is. You represent the beauty and the chaos. You represent it all. You are all. At this time of change you must live the change. You must be the one changing. There is a new path you have not yet walked on, lived on. The opportunity for this is now.

That is all.”