When Things Go Sideways

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A lot of ‘things’ in the world have been going sideways the past few years. And they’ve been ramping up, too. You can see it and read it everywhere: plans, actions, dreams, hopes, beliefs...

This summer is actually bringing this SIDEWAYS MOTION out more than it was before. Now, it's becoming obvious to everyone.

If you thought GOING SIDEWAYS meant near-chaos or near catastrophe, I invite you to look at it in the bigger picture.

Going SIDEWAYS is a directional flow.

In evolutionary terms, everything ebbs & flows. Nothing stays the same. Things - life! - either progresses or regresses which means it looks like things go forward or backward. 

But what if things go SIDEWAYS? What does THAT mean?

Going SIDEWAYS is a current energetic right now so let me give you a metaphor to illustrate it.

Imagine an ice skater on a rink. Sometimes they glide forward with a smoother faster pace and direction. Sometimes backward. Other times they take a corner. And when they take a corner a little too quickly, instead of going forward or backward, they appear to go SIDEWAYS.

So, even though going SIDEWAYS feels as though you are no longer going forward, you still are. Just slower. Because you have been moving forward for a while before turning the corner, it feels as though you're moving backward. The pace has changed.

And when the pace changes, the emotions often change along with it.

Emotions aren't universal truth. Emotions are where you land.

Emotions are your earthly perspective at that moment. And they change with information you're given. 

When you're going SIDEWAYS - when the world appears to be going SIDEWAYS - you’ll do best if you remember that your perspective may be limited to your emotional view. 

So, what can you do?

You can feel the emotion, observe your thoughts, keep expanding your perspective on the bigger picture, on the evolutionary progression, and on what SIDEWAYS really means.

You can get resourced if you need support in getting this viewpoint. (That's why I'm here.)

And you can KNOW that things will flow in another direction soon enough. Like your emotions, evolution is not a straight forward path.


Jonni Gray