What's the Difference Between Justice & Revenge?

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I often see and hear outraged people shaking their fists demanding justice. And at the same time, something inside me feels off. Something about their demands feels out of alignment and I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. 

That’s why I was pleased when one of the committed women in the Stay Woke Membership asked Sage about the difference between justice and revenge. I too wanted to understand the differences from the most expansive perspective Sage offers because that viewpoint takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection. 

The universal truth looks at more than just the human perspective and the current time we live in. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities. 

Bringing through the universal truth from Sage has always given me the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. 

Here’s Sage’s response to the question of the difference between justice and revenge.


“We are being asked about the difference between justice and revenge. The questioner is tuning into the discrepancy, yes.

There is much discussion, opinion, voicings of justice on your planet at this time. There was a time in your linear history when the word to describe the common desire was revenge. Revenge was spoken of and plotted in a polarity continuation, so back and forth, and escalating in getting one up, if you will. 

In your understanding as humans within societies at this time in your history and development, you will see revenge as a harming or hurting to punish. When humans feel they have been harmed, the reaction with little thought or expansive connection to consciousness they believe is one of purity. It is one of physics on your planet they would tell you: the primitive understanding of matter and energy with regard to polarity and other dominant principles of exchange. 

An object, if dropped, will land. If that object is a human and they are dropped, their landing would be seen as harmful. Because of this version of reality, there is a polar reaction desired to drop the one who has been dropping. 

The human mind is seeking a primordial form of balance.

It is one with limited consciousness, limited awareness, perspective, truth, and understanding - all the aspects of development with human beings.

To revenge, therefore, is to operate within a primitive underdeveloped container of what one believes is cause and effect. However, the effect is not organic in principle. It is another cause. A cause of hurt or harm. A cause of revenge. 

So revenge is more than a reaction if you look upon it with this lens. It is choice to act.

The choice may be motivated by the reaction one feels, however, the decision to act on the original action is still a conscious one.

As Sage, what we are describing with revenge is a lower level state of choice, a lower level state of consciousness. It is not reactive. It is not a natural consequence as outlined by your science of physics or by your justification aspects. 

In this regard, justice would be seen as a higher level state of choice, a higher level state of consciousness.

Within the laws and rules of your societies, there is a baseline desire for justice as equated with peace and fair and same treatment for all. This is not the requirement of society and other group dynamics, however, it is aspired to.

Those who seek revenge would be creating a form of harm or hurt as retaliation on another. Those who seek justice would be creating a form of action upon another. 

The action is the question mark, you would say. For many, the action is the deciding factor of discrepancy. It is, we can tell you, based on consciousness, on sentient awareness.

The higher and more refined this awareness the more in question a human-created action of justice-seeking is. 

Many at this time on your planet believe in justice or they believe the overly masculine order would dictate behaviours and actions. Justice is seen as a balance model to bring more laws and rules into awareness, into application. Justice is meant to be seen as consequences, therefore. Consequences of not following laws and rules.

However, as we spoke of with revenge, these consequences are not of organic principles but rather created and ruled by other humans who believe in their superiority of judgment.

As Sage, we can speak to revenge and justice for many many messagings, however, the universal truth of these understandings is such that they are in creation mode even as we speak through our channel. As humans and as societies, you are moving the gauge from contrivance to consciousness in greater expansive demonstrations.  You are creating these actions, these words to describe the actions. And you are creating even more conscious actions and words in the future. 

As is in much of your vocabulary, these two words will need to be refined as you, in your evolution, discover there are even more stages of choices of actions than you currently use and describe with justice and revenge. 

As Sage, we point you to the greater subtleties of identity on your planet at this time: masculine and feminine, male and female. These identities were once believed to be the only choices for human beings. However, in the recent years of more descriptive vocabulary to define and describe more particulars of identity you have created beyond the two obvious choices. 

As we look toward your future as societies on your planet, we can see you are expanding in similar ways with regards to justice and revenge. You are already in recognition of a need for more choices and descriptions of those choices. It is a beautiful creation. 

That is all.”