What Do You Need Most?

May 18 '19.jpg

I hear it all the time. Whether I ask someone or not, what I hear most from people is, “I need ‘me time’”.

‘Me time’ has become so popular a catch phrase of the last few years it was actually added to the Oxford Dictionary.

The 1970s may have given rise to the ‘me generation’, but the ‘me generation’ now needs more ‘me time’.

For the last few months, Sage has been whispering in my ear that those I’m connected to (that means ‘you’) want more ‘me time’. They tell me that you need a deeper understanding of ‘me time’ so you can better satisfy your needs. That if you truly understood your emotional, mental, and physical impulse need for ‘me time’, you could address your needs from an expanded perspective and change the cycle you are likely experiencing.

Which brings us to the summer.

Summer gives you longer days, shorter nights, and more, more, more WITHOUT giving you support for that more. Know what I mean?

That must be why Sage wants me to bring through a collection of themed messages on ‘me time’ for 3 months this summer - June, July, & August.

AND these messages aren’t just more things to add to your ‘to do’ list either. There’s something extra brewing that I’m sure about yet. But I wanted to share with you that THIS summer, you can create ‘me time’ from the inside out.

Watch this space for more details. This summer MasterCourse will begin June 3rd.

Jonni Gray