How Can You Trust?

Last year I asked the committed women in the Soul Group Membership if they had any questions for Sage. 

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Now, as part of the membership, I bring through a channelled personal message for each member every month, but I was asking them for bigger questions, not personal ones. Explanation questions. Questions that YOU are likely to ask too.

And so each member gave me their question. (A few snuck in 2.) And I put the questions to Sage. Sort of like a Q&A.

Unlike questions which give away your power of knowingness, your power of intuition, these questions were asking Sage to speak about specific topics. 

When you ask a question, are you looking for a perspective or are you looking for the truth? 

The universal truth IS the most expansive perspective. It takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection. The universal truth also looks at more than just the human perspective. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities. 

Bringing through the universal truth from Sage has always given me the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. 

So someone asked, “How can we trust things will turn out well? What evidence can you give us?”. I thought that was the best place to start.


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“We are being asked about beliefs that cannot be proven. We are being asked, ‘How can we trust things will turn out well? What evidence can you give us?” 

As Sage, we feel this question coming through because of the evolutionary changes which are rapidly occurring on your planet at this time. However, we wish to tell you that belief has always been of questioning by humans on your earth since the beginning. 

It is a common misunderstanding amongst humans that believing or trusting will indicate your earthly realities will be supported and deemed safe. This is because humans do not wish their lives to change, for they find great comfort and default comfort in the sameness. 

Humans wish to better their lives, yes, and increase in multiple ways their richness, their happiness, their gain, and so forth. However, they forget in this seeking, their true purpose for incarnating on the earth as humans.

Humans are in a constant state of forgetting.

Our channel chuckles at this for she knows this herself and sees it daily in those she serves. Humans are in a constant state of forgetting. The forgetting is more than a brain confusion of overwhelm, of too many things to do and remember. It is a much grander forgetting. It is forgetting who you are in your magnificence. It is believing you are less than, that you are your demographic - the position of your birth and upbringing and now choices. 

And because of this, as humans, you believe that beliefs which are not evidenced are therefore unproven. We ask you, what is evidence? Facts and verifications and confirmations and such? Yes, the measurement of that which can be measured by your physical reality. 

So in this way, you indicate that proven must mean able to be accurately measured by your physical reality. If this is your meaning, then we ask you to consider love. How can you accurately measure love? How can you prove love?

Love is considered by most of you to be an emotion, a belief, a way of being, a force. Your poets and scientists have done their best to measure and dissect love. To describe it and compare it. To prove it. And what is it they have proved?

No, we will not tell you. You must tell yourself. You must do the work to investigate what the greatest minds, the grandest channellers on your planet have said about love. You must read and take it upon yourself to reflect on the universal truth that is already available on your planet about love. Conduits have been on your planet since the beginning of time.

We wish to tell you that this is why so many on your planet who have evolved beyond the confines of religious doctrine, profess to believe in love as God source energy. Love as the highest belief, ideal, practice. 

As Sage, we spoke of love again and again in our years with you through our channel. We described it for you. We enveloped it for you. We dedicated the specifics of it for you. We painted the colours and wrote the music. 

It was at that point we began to hear of your specific questions: questions that were blocking you from the love we spoke of. We knew the time had come to address the questions, the themes, the focuses in multiple courses and messagings. That you would hear of love, know love, announce love when you found it at the end of every tale of money, of health, of purpose, of self-care, of partnership, of identity, of change, of afterlife, of leading, and so forth. That no matter what you asked, the answer was always love. The answer was always a belief that cannot be proven in your physical-only reality. 

And so you ask the question from every conceivable angle again and again. Looking for proof, looking for ways to trust, looking to remember and not forget.

When you remember and remember and remember, you love. When you do not remember, when you forget, you drop from love into questioning, anxiety, worry, fretting, boredom, uninspired, overwhelm, underwhelm, confusion, and on and on. 

We tell you, love is remembering. Love is the greatest belief you have.

It cannot be proven and the conclusion you are swiftly arriving at is the grandest things in your world also cannot be proven.

So we ask you to feel the love. Let us take you by the hand, by the wing, by the breeze, by the notes of music, by the sound of our channel’s voice. Let us, together, be the love, prove the love. Prove the love is real. And prove that love is the greatest belief there is.

That is all.”

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