The Core of Self-Esteem

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Are you feeling as though summer’s in full swing now? Me too. So I’ll make this newsletter brief.

For me, summer means watering. A lot. Because when my flowers and vegetables are nurtured, they show it. 

So I take that as a sign that nurturing is a significant ingredient for blooming. Which brings me to self-esteem.

One of the committed women in the Stay Woke Membership asked Sage to talk about the self-esteem. It’s a big subject yet Sage gave it a succinct going-over.

The universal truth looks at more than just the everyday perspective and the current times we live in. It takes into account everything - the soul reality AND the human reality.

Sage’s viewpoint speaks to the full history of the subject without prejudice, limitation, or projection. 

When I bring through the universal truth from Sage I always get the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. And that’s what I want in the depth of summer.

Here’s Sage’s response to the subject of the the foundational core of self-esteem.


We are being asked about self-esteem.

As with the question on happiness, there appears to be confusion as to this newly understood aspect of individuals. 

The esteem of self is the natural state of being - the self-esteem as it is understood.

When there appears to be a lacking in this self-esteem, a limitation of it, a blocking perhaps, it is because the individual is not trusting themselves. So it is trust that becomes the foundational core of self-esteem. 

We wish to tell you that your self-esteem is as much related to your self-worth in that your self-worth connects your self-esteem to your higher understanding and consciousness.

This flow of connection must be examined and made aware of in order to re-establish the natural state of self-esteem. 

As Sage, we have spoken many times as to the necessary self-care that must be consistently fostered for consciousness development. This requires self-care of the human mind and body and so forth, and the self-care of one’s connection to spirit and soul and such. 

So there are multiple and dimensional self-care requirements in order to evolve on your planet at this time. Without this self-care, you will find yourself in pattern repeat mode which amplifies the disconnect rather than instigates the new connect.

When there is consistent self-care through the human ages and stages of life there is an established contract to the respect of the human-self.

When the human-self is respected by the embodied human there is a birthing of self-esteem. 

What is required in this self-care are the understandings and clarifications found in the messages we brought through with our channel. We trust, in her earthly service, she will make these messages available to you now. 

In further fostering of your self-esteem, we wish to ask you to ask yourself how honest you are with yourself.

This question of self is revealing in that those who hide and deflect and project are less respectful of their own self-care and thereby have not developed the honesty of self. 

As we have spoken of honesty in previous messages, we will not address this in more detail at this time, however, remember that honesty is an exposed, open, expansive, emotionally-neutral, beautifully vulnerable holding and embracing of all that is. 

In this regard, to be honest with yourself would require you to be exposed and open with self, to self. It would require you to be emotionally neutral, devoid of judgement, and holding your vulnerability as a thing of beauty. This does not indicate weakness, but rather a blend of masculine container and focus on the feminine expansive heart-based viewpoint.

We are hearing in all-time the confusion as to the ego, the bold ego, and the humble, the discrediting self. We wish to address this and clarify at this time. 

Many on your planet have been emboldened with their limitations at this time. They fear because of their limitations. They have little or no sense of boundary or regard for others in their behaviours and actions.

They are highlighted at this time for they are in great fear that if they do not take, they will not get. 

They fear although they often would not claim this fear. They act from limited understanding and experience of consciousness, so from pure ego, pure human-only. 

Many appear to be brazen, brash, boastful, although others appear charming, charismatic, dynamic.

Both kinds of these limited beings are being exposed on your planet through leadership at this time. It is a time of discerning for those who are influenced beyond their own self-esteem.

These beings represent disconnect from their self-esteem.

They have an over-contrived self-esteem.

They are the story builders of themselves and their opinions and beliefs. They take the thunder, the credit from others and claim it for self. Therefore it is not self-esteem but taken esteem, for they are not accessing their own. 

They excel in their desire to be the centre of the universe, craving external power over others. They are the over controllers.

There is another aspect of disconnect from self-esteem we wish to speak on. It is the most understood in that the being appears weak or victimized and having little confidence or power. More often than otherwise, this positioning creates the opportunity to leverage for manipulation. They are seen by others as weak and needy and therefore create the continual cycle of being given to, rather than accessing their own self-care and self-esteem. 

There is a third dynamic we wish to address in this Soul Age.

It is the choice we wish you to make as to your self-esteem positioning at this time. From this site, self-esteem is not thought of, for it is a given. There is not a craving to draw on it from others. 

Others admire you and often see you as lucky for you are in the energetic flow of conscious self-care and honesty. You are not a storyteller. You do not identify in limited ways with a specific wound or version of your human’s demographic. You feel the flow of honesty in your daily living. As we messaged on happiness, there is a simplicity in this positioning.

That is all.”