The Nature of Happiness

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There’s no doubt it’s summer. And with summer comes built-in assumptions that you’re going to have some FUN. 

I’m not sure I’m happier in the summer than in any other season, but the expectation is certainly there that summer turns the dial of happiness up. But does it?

One of the committed women in the Stay Woke Membership asked Sage to talk about the nature of happiness. GREAT question! I too want to understand the illusive happiness happenstance from the most expansive perspective Sage offers.

The universal truth looks at more than just the human perspective and the current time we live in. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities. 

Sage’s viewpoint takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection. 

Bringing through the universal truth from Sage has always given me the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. 

Here’s Sage’s response to the question of the nature of happiness.


“We are being asked about happiness. The questioner is asking about the nature of happiness and we applaud that specific, for happiness belongs in the realm of nature. In the realm of natural, organic as you would say.

The understanding at this time on your planet is that happiness is an emotion.

We wish to expand upon that singular identification. 

Happiness is within you. It is within each individual being. It is not external. It is not based on circumstances, based on events. It is not caused, although it can be supported.

For you, at this time, we would describe happiness as a feeling of the wonder and joy that is within you.

It is your nature to feel this. It is your nature. 

However, many on your planet have had a suppression of this nature in their childhood. This was the choice pre-incarnate. The desire was to access their nature again, to bring it up and out and revel in it as who they are, rather than the circumstances around them or in their story.

We ask you to consider perhaps a memory of yourself as a child. 

  • In that memory, can you recall those around you who suppressed your natural happiness? 

  • Can you recall times when others gave you objects or food or gifts in an attempt to make you happy? 

  • As an adolescent or an adult do you recall being told you needed to find your own happiness? 

  • As an adult do you give yourself objects or treats if you will, or experiences to make yourself happy?

As Sage, we are reminding you of this dynamic loop, for it may be your time to identify it and create a new conscious pattern of accessing happiness rather than buying it. 

How do you access it? Let us walk with you to the source of your happiness.

We wish to begin by reminding you that happiness is simplicity.

Happiness is a feeling of simplicity.

For many, this may be translated as order rather than chaos, as comfort rather than confusion. 

Simplicity becomes a dominant feeling once it is understood that the soul’s journey and the earthly experiences are truly ones of expansive simplicity. They appear more complicated when misunderstood, when only partially understood. At that time they appear as a puzzle of innumerable pieces. 

It is at this position that many humans seek to find their nature or their meaning or their purpose or their happiness outside of self. To go inward to greater remembering is not often cultivated in one’s lifetime.

As a parent, as a friend, as a partner, we ask you to consciously support this in those around you. As you support others you will reconnect your own expansive simplicity.

When we speak of expansive simplicity we ask you to consider accessing this when bringing your senses into focus on a particular object such as a flower. Take in the sensorial expansive simplicity of the flower. Feel the connection to source it must have, the innate code of creation that gives it this particular colour and shape and fragrance and so forth. 

Take this flower in as a model of life itself. A representative of beauty, of wholeness, of expansion. The more you bring the depth of your presencing to this flower in this knowingness and honouring, the more it will connect you to your own nature of happiness. 

When lover’s meet, whether those lovers are mother and child, or two beings in friendship, or two complementary partners in the stages of coupling, the same experience occurs. The idea that the babe or friend or partner is making one happy is a misunderstanding and what you would call a projection. 

Imagine you are the one who is focused on the babe or friend or partner. You take them in as you take in the flower, the sunrise, the stars in the night.

You take them in as expansive simplicity, as perfectly aligned with your nature. 

They match your happiness. They are not your happiness. They are not the cause of your happiness. They are not the source of your happiness.

We tell you that you must make up your mind as to your nature. You must remember, know, and embrace that happiness is your nature no matter the external stories and circumstances. 

In your New Age, you were educated on manifesting happiness. We tell you that in the Soul Age you must step into your nature of happiness. This does not mean smiling all the time and laughing and being of youthful exuberance for that is not what happiness is.

We remind you that happiness is a feeling of simplicity. An acceptance of precious expansive simplicity. No matter the external stories.

That is all.”