Reading the Summer Sky

June 22 '19 F.jpg

So I had my seasonal chat with my favourite astrologer, Marielle Croft, the other day.

We talked about yesterday’s Summer Solstice, the upcoming cycle of eclipses, the many retrograding planets, and how all those hold influence over our choices and behaviours.

As seen through the soulful eyes of a gifted astrologer, the summer sky reveals much promise and purpose. Astrology doesn’t tell you what WILL happen. Instead, the planets reveal the greatest influences affecting everyone.

Have a listen to our 11-minute chat or read over the transcript. It’s the head’s up you really want. Now. (15).jpg

If you have read a few spiritual books and are attracted to the spiritual way of life but can’t seem to make your life more meaningful and joyful, it’s not your fault.

The start and stop approach doesn’t translate into integration in your everyday life. It doesn’t infuse your human reality with spirit & soul.

It’s one or the other. And human wins out every single time.

Retreats are great. But your life is not a retreat. Nor is it a vacation.

Your life is real and ongoing and busy. I get it.

AND you’re also likely feeling that you MUST include more of your whole self into your daily life. Otherwise you’re swimming upstream, longing for ‘me time’.

That’s why I’m starting a new program and I’m calling it Get Woke Weekly.

In it, I’ll guide you inch by inch, week by week, to a juicier understanding & integration of both your everyday life AND your spiritual awareness, so you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Get Woke Weekly will be practical, accessible, powerful, and engaging. It will help you create a real relationship with the spirit of life and bring that relationship into everything you do.

Watch this space for more details next week.

Jonni Gray