The Need & Necessity for Laws & Rules

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The times and norms are shifting so quickly that many are skimming the surface of laws & rules. Many people, groups, institutes, governments, etc., are simply bypassing them, overriding them as outdated and not for them.

That’s why someone in the Soul Group Membership asked Sage about the need and necessity for laws and rules in the world today.

As representatives of universal truth which surpasses time and trends, Sage provides the expansive perspective that takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection.

The universal truth also looks at more than just the human perspective. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities. 

Bringing through the universal truth from Sage has always given me the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. Here’s Sage’s response to the question of law & rules.


“We are being asked about laws and rules on your planet. We are being asked about their need, their necessity. 

We wish to begin by reminding you that there are human-created laws and rules, and nature designed laws and rules. We will address both in our response to your question. 

The history on your planet Earth reveals that the creation of laws and rules by humans is most often done in response to those who do not access the consciousness of care of self and others. When this care is not allowed, the human being becomes care-less with regards to the societal expectations of the many.

This does not indicate that every law or rule that humans have created is for the protection of the many. However, most often it is for the control of the many, for the containment of the many, and for the bringing together of the many. 

Human created laws and rules have their origins in group dynamics, group behaviour, group interaction.

The agreed upon consensus becomes the understood expectation of behaviour and action. If that is not picked up and demonstrated by each and every being within the group because of differences in consciousness, then the agreement must be expressed in what you would call a law or rule format. It is made known and established as a measure for all. Those who then do not follow that agreement would be seen as breaking it. Or breaking the law. 

For the most part (as you would say) the rules and laws upon your planet are created for the betterment of all.

They are distinguished by their overall acceptance as such. They are created to bring together the formalization of expectations and assumptions, to move into consciousness those elements of care and protection of self and others. 

Without your human created rules and laws you would see even more diverse choices and behaviours that would bend the arc of expectations to the point of breaking down the societal formings.

If you would consider your various group formings such as those found in religions, in militaries, in education, in families, and so forth, you would see that each forming has its own set of laws and rules based on the creation of the group and their expectations and assumptions. The laws and rules are determined as the rules of behaviour or the rules of engagement within and without the group. 

Without these containers of limitations there would be less organization of masculine energetics. The feminine energetic would be without the form from which to operate from.

We ask you to consider your human body as a form, a masculine container or organizer of your thoughts and emotions and hormones and such. The masculine and the feminine must be in balance for creation to occupy on your planet. 

This moves us to the organic laws and rules as designed by nature. We wish you to understand that nature is seen as all that is living, is alive, is in a state of existence or thriving or sustaining, which is not a human being. So as human beings create their own laws and rules for interaction on the planet, the planet - or nature - has it’s own rules and laws it operates from and within. These laws and rules are of course not written or proclaimed as laws, for the consciousness of all things in nature is different than the understood consciousness of human beings. We will leave that discussion to another time, another question.

Nature’s laws and rules are based on the same operating systems of survival and thriving. They have the systems within the planet to hold the masculine accountability.

These includes the seasons or weather, the growth cycles, the birthing and dying patterns, the innate biologically driven operating interconnecting networks. 

These are, of course, available for all of human kind, however the consciousness, the maturing and depth of understanding and living allows the opening and accessibility of these interconnecting networks and patterns and cycles. 

As human beings become more aligned with the natural order of the laws and rules of the planet, they will find their created laws and rules less restrictive and more understood as the working flow of the systems at play.

They will not see them as necessary to speak to for their innate sensings of the care of all will rise to the levels matched in their behaviour choices and actions. 

As Sage, we do see this as a future for your planet Earth.

We see the many who are shifting this balance positioning to create more movement in this direction of integration, alignment, and oneness.

We have spoke of this in our Reforming messages. 

That is all.”