What about Testosterone? Can Testosterone Change the Future?


Remember a month ago I told you I asked the committed women in the Soul Group Membership if they had any questions for Sage. 

The universal truth is the most expansive perspective in that it takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection.

The universal truth also looks at more than just the human perspective. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities. 

Bringing through the universal truth from Sage has always given me the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. 

Someone asked about the hormone, testosterone, and whether it will shift things in the future.

Interesting question! Here’s Sage’s response.


“We are being asked about the hormone testosterone as a predominantly masculine hormone and whether this will shift in the future. 

As Sage, we find this a unique question and understand the need for humans at this time to dwell in more details within their make up. The micro - the micro details of humans are as the details of your planet. They are shifting. Just as we discussed the changes in your future as to the history of emotions and choices, we tell you that your regulating substances, your hormones as such, have a history and a future and choices as well.

At this time on your planet, there has been much pulling apart and reorganizing of the human physical body and its components.

This is in regards to surgical, disease, repair, alternations of many kinds and for multiple reasons. That you as a species would look to understand and placate your hormones is due to the imbalance which has been noted, recorded, confusing, and subject to reactions by observers and those in the imbalance. 

As your planet and you within your planet find a balance of integration you will note the factors which seem to be suspect in your search for balance. If a disease presents itself it is suspect and must be withdrawn from the body is the current belief by many at this time. There is less an understanding of origin, of whole origin, and more a biochemical understanding of cause and effect from which decisions are made.

To that end, looking at the physical body’s regulatory system is most often seen through the lens of the chemistry of living organisms, rather than evolutionary changes from multiple perspectives.

As Sage, we wish to tell you that the more you are ready to expand your thought and belief beyond the dimensions most measurable as we have indicated in previous message, the more you will be able to understand the fine fine instrument and application of regulation your hormones exist as. 

In previous messaging, we spoke of your endocrine system. We spoke of endocrine health. We suggested to you that this understanding of self is seen as both proactive and preventative at this time in your study of self. This is in regards to your balance and quality of living.

The more you yourself seek out information of higher quality to understand and apply the knowledge to your self-care, the more you will empower yourself in creating a life rather than reacting to a less conscious life. 

Will this cause your hormone regulatory system to shift? Yes. For it does the work that you yourself are not yet doing. It responds to your reactive self’s choices. It responds to the imbalance, the ignorance, the innocence. 

It refines when you refine your ownership of your divine body, when you claim ownership of your emotional balance, your sexual balance, your higher connectivity with it all.

The specific hormones are only specific in the methodology of extracting and labeling if you will. We wish to tell you that they are as an orchestra with the instruments and notes unified together to form the melodic tapestry. To listen to a flute, a percussion only, play one note only, would not be an orchestra, would not be a symphonic composition.

So to dissect your hormones is only the first understanding, as though giving sheet music to a cellist or a harpist. You have not given the same sheet to each musician for each musician receives a different composition. A different version. 

Therefore your scientists have much to do, much to do, with the next application of understanding of endocrine, of hormones, of the delicacies of it all. And we emphasize delicacies. 

The intricacies of your regulatory aspects are beyond your three-dimensional tools of discovery. At this time there will be only so much your scientists can do in understanding, over controlling, contriving, and so forth. It is one contrivance to replace a heart valve or an organ.

It is a great leap to replace a portion or measurement or degree of hormones within the body.

And so you asking of a specific hormone and we give you the understanding of specifics. And of hormones. Will a specific hormone shift in the human body over time? Yes. Will specific hormones change in human bodies over decades and centuries? Yes.

All hormones will shift. They are regulating the human as they present now. 

As your species evolves you will self-regulate thought, action, emotion, behaviour, choice, to the degree that you will uplevel your own regulating systems. They will be refined. This does not indicate a specific hormone, as we have explained, but rather an overall rebalancing as humans rebalance.

That is all.”