Get Woke Weekly!

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I want to make my work accessible -

  • For those who do not want to JOIN a group membership.

  • For those who don’t feel the NEED for a Private Woke Session.

  • For those who want MORE than a Private Woke Session.

Have I described you?

So, in my newest creation - GET WOKE WEEKLY - I’m supporting and guiding you behind the scenes.

That means from the comfort of your own home, you can move from confusion to clarity every single week of the month with videos, channelled messages, and one-on-one conversation time with me. 

How great is that?

I’ve created it so that each component works together to give you the consistent knowledge and integration that fits INTO your life bit by bit, inch by inch, change by change.

That way you’ll see LASTING changes in your life. Not stop and start changes. Not ‘sudden make-over and then revert back’ changes.

In GET WOKE WEEKLY, *YOU* will become the change.

Your life will change because YOU change - not in a sudden and dramatic way (save that for a new hairstyle. Or not.). But in an EVOLUTIONARY WAY.

Until one day you realize how much you’ve changed because:

  • You don’t react the same way you used to.

  • You observe twice and speak once.

  • You have more patience and energy for living.

  • You feel juiced, loved, and AWAKE.

Click the link and sign up today.

GET WOKE WEEKLY begins AUGUST 4th and you can join anytime. But the first week is free if you sign up before then. ;)

Jonni Gray