The Partnership of Freedom & Responsibility

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If you believe that freedom is the opposite of responsibility, or that responsibility means without freedom, then continue reading.

One of the committed women in the Soul Group Membership recently asked Sage about the relationship between freedom and responsibility in the world today.

In the 23 years I have brought through divine messages from Sage, I know that their expansive perspective takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection. 

That’s because the universal truth looks at more than just the human perspective and the current time we live in. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities. 

Bringing through the universal truth from Sage has always given me the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. Here’s Sage’s response to the question of the relationship between freedom and responsibility.


“We are being asked about freedom and responsibility.  

As Sage, we are pleased with this question for it carries on with the message we have recently spoken to. In asking it, the questioner has already paired the two energetics together and this has paved the path for the deeper connectivity and understanding. 

At this time in your history, the desire and expression for freedom has never been more pronounced. This, of course, is due to the history of deep polarity on your planet when few took the power and misused the power to take away the freedom for many. 

There are deliberate times on your planet when the enslavement of human beings was in masses. There are still pockets of this energetic and it is not only confined to human beings, but rather to take the freedom from animals, to take the freedom from nature. 

In previous messages we have explained that the self care and care of others is of a finer and more expansive consciousness. If a human being is using an earthly only, a survival only understanding, they often seek to over control and take over the care of others, tipping it to abuse, neglect, adulteration, and so forth. 

One could say the opposite of freedom is slavery if one were using the limited version of earthly reality only.

Those who still feel a sense of slavery to a way of life, a belief, an obligation, a group’s expectations, may seek out freedom from it as a movement in the opposite direction. 

However, to understand freedom in a more expansive way you might remember your spiritual essence.

It is experienced in the human form, as feminine essence. It is free-floating. It is expansive. It is limitless. It is timeless. It is ethereal. 

The responsibility may be understood as more of the container, the form for the feminine essence. As such, you may experience it as masculine. As we have stated in many messages, your earth is comprised of complementary masculine and feminine energetics that must be woven together for creation, evolution, growth of any kind. 

To attempt to grow in masculine only ways would be devoid of all feminine, so consider growing in a box without light. 

To attempt to grow in feminine only ways would be devoid of all masculine, so consider growing without any consideration for the surroundings and their space and their needs. You can look in your world from the viewpoint you particularly have, and see this.

Freedom and responsibility are as a couple, a partnership, a team.

The freedom desires expansion and limitlessness. The responsibility is to the earthly realities, to the consideration and agreements with self and others including nature, your environment, mortality, and so forth.

When freedom and responsibility work entwined, they form. When they work separately, they burn out quickly. 

Consider your life on the planet. You must see where you have the consciousness, the awareness to attain and live the freedoms you desire while in tandem with the responsibilities for self and others. The image that comes to mind for us, and we are giving to our channel, is those who run toward freedom faster than they harness the responsibility. This could be a young child, an adolescent, a person who desires a great change in their life. 

A desire for great change is understood as feeling less free than one desires. So less expansive, less limitless, timeless, and so forth. In order (and we use those two words carefully), in order to move into that desired freedom, one must take on the responsibilities of greater self care and care for those and that which they encounter and connect with.

For example, you do not have to take care of someone over the care of self, however, the care of self must be in respect to those you are in connection with. 

Another example: your body can be experienced as a source of freedom or a source of responsibility. If you care for your physical form with both energetics in focus, you will unlikely disrespect your body, dishonour your body, be careless with your choices for body, for you are the responsible one to your body. You are the parent to your body. You are the care-taker.

Imagine with us right now your life in balance with freedom and responsibility. 

  • What would you be doing differently? 

  • How could you reshape it to adapt to this balance? 

  • Is your life focused on more responsibility than freedom? Understand why that is the situation if it is. 

  • Is thus temporary? 

  • Is it one of choice? 

  • Will that change over time? 

  • What can you bring to this partnership of freedom and responsibility that you have not yet brought?

As in any partnership - and we reference our messages on partnerships at this time - you must be fully present and accountable to the dance, to the dynamic, to the potent exchange. You must take action deliberately and in line with the support of both partners. 

That is all.”