The Easter Message

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I don’t know about you but I tune into the world news every day and get a vast mix of positive and negative stories and opinions. I wake up and feel both as well. I expect that’s why Sage has THIS MESSAGE for us this Easter.

“The imprint on your planet at this time of year is very dense. Your history of humankind has brought this energy back to the forefront again and again. So for thousands of years, the heaviness has increased. The feeling is palpable. And all the chocolate in the world does not dissipate the heavy tugging at the heart. 

It matters not what you think of the story of Easter. It matters not whether you acknowledge Easter or not. It is about the influence of energy that is thick and dense and palpable. It is not an energy that completes its cycle, as it sits heavy.

As such, you must complete the cycle. 

At this time you may feel the stillness, the fear, the uncertainty, the questioning on the planet. It is the accumulation of thousands of years of fear. When you tune in, you can also feel the hope. Thousands of years of hope. And so you can feel the lightening up of the denseness. 

In your heart centre it is as though the emotional energy centre opens itself to reveal the light, the hope, the promise that has been confused and misunderstood and difficult to translate for thousands of years. And now you are awakening to it: your cellular memory in your evolutionary body. 

You have memory of every kind that affects you, that influences you. Know it or not. Your cells, your DNA-driven cells, are saturated in memory and influence. The desire to re-open re-awaken re-do re-align is dominant at this time therefore. Your memory-laden DNA knows that it has come through dark ages for thousands of years and at this time it boldly says, ‘No more. There is no more need for that’. 

Rather, there are more and more and more who carry the light, who breathe the light, who feel the full capacity of their great hearts aligned together. They feel the full range for humankind and take this energy and push it up even more so it is lighter, less dense, less confusing.

You are the ones who need to step into your clarity in this life. You feel it every day and it is not simply clarity for yourself, for your dear life. It is clarity for all. It is upholding the clarity where there has been darkness and confusion. It is lightening it up. 

You are one candle amongst all those other candles who are lighting up the entire planet. You are more than enough. And it is more than enough to light up the entire planet as long as you keep your candle light burning solid and bright and pure. That is all.”

Jonni Gray