The Stars Will Be Twinkling This Spring

Spring's Celestial Influences.jpg

Earlier this week I recorded a juicy chat I had with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft.

We talked about the cycle of retrogrades we had this past winter and WILL have this spring. We talked about their purpose and how we can best accept their gifts of influence.

We also chatted about some interesting influences this June, August, and next January.

So basically, we touched on the past, present, and future’s most celestial influences to make note of.

As seen through the soulful eyes of a gifted astrologer, the spring sky reveals much promise and purpose. Astrology doesn’t tell you what WILL happen. Instead, the planets reveal the greatest influences affecting everyone.

Have a listen to our 10-minute chat PRIOR to decision-making and emotional responding this spring.

Jonni Gray