April's Vantage Position

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And suddenly it’s April.

According to Sage, April gives us the ‘vantage position’ of hindsight. They explain more about it in this month’s channelled selection from ‘At This Time’.

“In previous messages we have asked you to look back at the month that was. Your brain has the capability of summary, of hindsight. To look back at your month of March now, and to assess it, to feel it, think it, analyze it, see it from different perspectives. 

  • You will see a range.

  • You will see it went up and down.

  • You will see your world, the world, every industry, community, family, had a range of highs and lows of experience and expression. 

We tell you your cosmos contributed to this influence, shaking up from a planetary perspective as above, so below.

We give you this now so you may look and claim hindsight as foresight in future, for you to take responsibility for forces and impacts and influences, and to always align them within the range from physical potential outcomes all the way up to the farthest reaching accessibility to soul. The gifts, one might call them. The silver linings, and so forth.

Our channel has an example of this. 

She met with a gentleman, a merchant in a store, and on occasion would pop back into the store to have a simple chat with him during her exchange of purchase. He wanted to sell his business, sell his home, sell all his belongings, and move back to his birthplace in Europe. 

In his mind, he did everything he could to fulfill that outcome. However, after selling his home and all his contents, he could not sell his business. He found himself stuck and unable to go. He showed up for work every day at his business but he was sad for he could not control the outcome. He could not force the situation to occur. He was disconnected. 

Our channel noticed his shop was closed for at least a month, and upon its opening, popped in and sat at his counter. She said she had missed him, and did not know where he had been, and asked how he was. 

This man, who was half the size he had been, looked deeply at her and said, “I was moving a hot tub. The next thing I knew I had been flown to a hospital. They told me I had had a heart attack and would would require heart surgery. I was not in pain,” he said with no drama in his voice. 

After the heart surgery he was able to go back home. He was now in his shop again, and he said, “I feel so grateful I did not move. I needed to be here for this.” He smiled and said, “We have a good medical system in British Columbia.” He said, “I feel blessed that I was not the one to make all the decisions in my world.” 

Our channel left his shop and was reminded yet again of the range of human beings when their frustrations or their belief in what they want cannot be accessed. They do not want this to go. They do not want this to stop. They want that to go. They want that to stop. They want this to start. 

When human beings come from that level of over control of the factors within their life, there is a forcing, a denying of the other aspects of play, the energetics of alignment that all work together.

This is not an easy concept for humans to grasp for it is met again and again with a disbelief: “Why would I ask for that? Why would I create that?” 

There is no quick answer to provide. It is a continual understanding of energetics, a gentle reminder in your world, in your conversations, in your readings, in your studies, perhaps in our meditations.

Using your great tool of hindsight, you may look back and feel blessed your life went in the direction it did. 

In this month of April, we ask you to spend focused time in contemplation and reflection to create a more whole foundation for moving forward from the depth of love and gratitude.”

Jonni Gray