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The Animal Kingdom

Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals

What is this Self-Guided Program?

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'The Animal Kingdom: Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals', is a 4-week audio & transcript-based self-guided program that gives you universal truth about this sacred kingdom.

Years ago Sage talked about the acronym for the word SOUL as being the Source Of Universal Love. It's always stuck with me as the definition of soul as well.

So when it comes to animals - those incredible, unrelenting, far-reaching inventions of creation - how on EARTH could they not have soul? Could they not be OF soul? Could they not BE soul?

Still, many people don't think that way. Animals to them are subservient prisoners of man. They are second rate creations. They are less than. They are, well, they are animals.

Well, in this time of great transparency, of truly seeking and finding the WHOLE TRUTH, it's no surprise that we're ready to hear the WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT ANIMALS.

We've been bringing up the beliefs of cultures, sexes, and all those who were judged, misunderstood, or lost in the folds of the majorities.

May's focus has been on interdimensional beings - those otherworldly visitors and inhabitants of the planet who actually have purpose and position.

June's focus is to bring the greater reality understanding of animals to the surface. To give THEM the voice to be heard and seen and respected.

ARE YOU READY TO take on a deeper understanding of the soul and purpose of animals?

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Even calling this program 'The Animal Kingdom' shows the placement animals have in these sacred messages of universal truth.

The subtitle says it all: 'Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals.'

If you're reading this, you are likely already on the path of connection with the soul of animals. You subscribe to my newsletter or blog because you want to know more about the soul of life itself. Soul in all its understandings, and as Sage would say, 'applications'.

We can never know enough about soul. We can never LIVE enough soul. We crave it. We long to LIVE THE SOUL OF EVERYTHING because we know there IS soul in everything.

Soul is truth. Core truth. Universal truth. It is the whole understanding that is more than can be measured by our thoughts and perspectives. 

That's why we must continue to expand our minds beyond their default position of "I know, I know" and really LIVE in the depth of all that we are.

You can start with getting deeper understanding beyond the thinking, into the knowing, into the universal truth of your place in the world alongside animals.

Animals are here for a reason just as you are. It's time to align with the universal truth and live in accordance with that truth in all areas of the soul of animals and you.

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    How Does This Program Work?

    The program is released in bi-weekly modules (twice a week) directly into your inbox every Monday and Wednesday morning for 4 weeks.

    • Each of the 8 modules contain a 13-minute mp3 of a channelled message on an aspect of creating change. Each message is enveloped in meditation music. You can take in the almost 2 hours worth of audio recordings as a meditation or listen to them as channelled messages.
    • Each module is downloadable by you so you can go over it again and again in your own time. All 8 modules are yours to keep forever.
    • A full transcript of each sacred message with additional footnotes from Jonni for clarity and illumination are provided with each module.

    Who is this program for?

    If YOU know deep inside that animals are more than subservient beings and you WANT to understand their purpose and how it relates to you, this program is for you.


    This program is for those who know they need to up their knowledge & understanding of animals so they can truly make the choices it's time to make.

    This program is for those who want to seriously activate conscious understanding of animals so they can uplevel their lives and the lives of animals.


    This program is for those who are ready to commit deeper to living a a life with animals on every level of alignment, every single day. 

    What do others say about these programs?

    Who is Jonni+Sage?

    I'm Jonni Gray. Half of Jonni+Sage.

    I'm passionate about leading the change we are being called to make by the planet and the universe.

    You're feeling it, aren't you? The shifts that are happening? The turbulence? The uncertainty? The need for us to each own our part in the call to personal and collective change?

    I have learned - INTIMATELY - that LIFE IS SHORT. And I learned that there are GIFTS from being broken open.

    Everyone can channel AND when we are broken open we have clear access. In addition to being a psychotherapist with almost 30 years in private and group practice, my life experiences GIFTED ME with sacred guidance.

    They introduced themselves to me as SAGE - Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment. I was, and am, extremely humbled and grateful, and continue to see the connections between life's disruptions and the potential gifts.

    I am known as the psychotherapist infused with sacred guidance. Integrating my work with sacred guidance allows me to live and serve with soul. The combination of a sound psychological approach aligned with sacred guidance is a powerhouse formula for success.


    Check out the titles of the 8 sacred messages from Sage:

    1. The Energy of Inclusion
    2. The Abilities of Animals
    3. The Difference in Degrees
    4. The Mutual Agreement
    5. The Integration of Oneness
    6. The Consciousness of Animals
    7. The Companion Animals
    8. The Choices & Gifts

    Not everyone recognizes the soul in animals.

    Every day we hear of people who abuse, neglect, and otherwise harm animals. But there's more going on here than meets the eye. It's not just black and white. 

    If you're ready to hear the universal truth about the soul and purpose of animals, then June's program 'The Animal Kingdom' is calling you.

    These fresh channelled messages are more than facts about animals and their wellbeing. They are the soul understandings of who animals are, why they are, and what their relationship to us is really all about.

    Once you feel your way through the whole truth about domestic and wild animals you will see things in an expansive Soul Age way. And that will change everything.

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    Registration is now open

    'The Animal Kingdom: Understanding the Soul & Purpose of Animals, begins Monday, June 4th and runs through June 27th. It's a 4-week program that gives you universal truth about this sacred kingdom.


    4 weeks · 8 modules of sacred messages · $145+tax

    Registration closes Saturday, June 2nd at midnight PST.

    Do you have questions about WHY this course and WHY now?

    1. What if I don’t have the time to do the program in the 4 weeks?

    Sage keeps telling us that is shrinking. It's condensing. Even spending some time doing this program is valuable. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It's about focused intention on participating with the energetics and source wisdom of Sage.

    Having said that, this program is 4 weeks @ 2 modules a week. If you spend less than 20 minutes a module, that's just 2 1/2 hours spread over the month. Very doable.

    2. What if I can’t do the course work on time, and fall behind?

    It’s not about being stressed with your commitment to the energetics of your soul and universal spirit. It’s about honouring the sacredness of all that you are. There is no judgement of how you participate or to what level. That's why this is a self-guided program. It’s that you are consciously choosing to give yourself the spaces and moments of time to connect to your soul self, and bask in the energetics of Sage and the wisdom of the ages that can be applied to your every day life now.

    3. What if I am too busy?


    That’s okay. Again, the beauty of this program is that it is available in the timed formats AND all modules are yours to keep forever so you have complete access after the program timing structure is completed.

    Time is amorphous yet you can feel the pressure of it. That’s earthly reality! AND we also know the boundless gifts of CREATING more time and space when we connect to our ‘timeless’ resource of soul and universal spirit.

    So my commitment to YOU is to honour this time with you. To help you create more time and space in order to live from the expansiveness of your soul on a more and more frequent basis.

    Please join Sage and I in connecting to this beautiful whole truth program so you can create a soulful relationship with all animals on the planet.

    Sign up here

    4 weeks · 8 modules of sacred messages · $145+tax

    Registration closes at midnight (PST) on Saturday, JUNE 2nd.