'Self-Care Mastery' is an 8-part self-study eCourse who’s time has come.

We all know that daily self-care often gets the lowest priority. Yet the more we understand, connect with, and live as soul, the higher the priority self-care becomes.

What's the secret? What really is self-care? How can we master daily self-care? 

Superhuman athletes dedicate their entire lives to very precise focus and management of their time and energy. It begins with a dream. Then they commit, train, and become their dream.

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Maybe you dream of being more consistently happy. Maybe you dream of having more freedom, of getting out of the struggles of the dominant human realities. Maybe you dream of feeling loved every single day.

From the dream to the realization of it, a plan of action is required. You must commit to your dream. And then train.

First, you must understand your human dream. What is the illusion of it? What is the whole truth behind it?

All the commitment and training in the world will not align you with your dream, if you are not clear on the whole truth of it. Or if you believe that with enough will power and determination you can be anything you want to be.

The human physical reality is glaringly strong. Yes, you can commit and train to become anything you want, after you spend the time understanding the dream, rather than focusing only on the commitment and training.

Most people repeat the commitment and training again and again in life.

These are patterns. Repeating patterns.

You may choose a different job, a new partner, another go at it, but really, without the accuracy of the dream, it's a different horse on the same merry-go-round.

The alignment of your dreams to your physical human reality requires more than just commitment and training. It's like a three-legged stool. You need everyone of the three legs, or the stool will collapse.

Usually these focused themes help you to understand your dreams. They look at whole understandings of everything from love to family, from your spiritual evolution to your life purpose. And more.


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The entire 8-part eCourse is available to you as soon as you register.

  • You have access to, and can download, 8 MP3 channelled messages

  • You have access to, and can download, the full transcripts of each of the 8 universal truth messages in PDFs.

  • Each message builds on the previous, adding more truth & understanding to the course theme.

Who is this eCourse for?

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  • This eCourse is for those who know they need to up their knowledge & understanding of their self-care in all areas so they can lead a more integrated life for self and others.

  • This eCourse is for those who want to seriously activate more true and lasting self-care for themselves as the world itself changes quickly and swiftly.

  • This eCourse is for those who are ready to commit deeper to living the life they came here to live.


What do others say about these ecourses?


For the first time, a Sage focused theme is offering support in the commitment and training aspects necessary to realize your dreams, ambitions, and deservability, including the whole truth understanding of commitment and training, of course.

Engaging with ‘Self-Care Mastery' will seriously raise the bar on the commitment and training levels you have been working with so far.

It will show you how to build the necessary foundation and gain the traction you need to master your body, thought, emotional, spiritual, and future self-care.

In Sage’s words: "This is the reminder you have been waiting for, to activate at this core level, so you can then bring it through into the physical form, into the personality, the body, the demographic that you are."