Hi. I’m Jonni. Transpersonal psychologist, channeller, author, and outsourced soul guide, connecting your inner knowing with your outer reality.

The planet is shifting from polarity thinking to inclusive thinking. And I’ve been shifting right along with it.

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On my life’s journey, I have swung from polarity to polarity. I’ve gone from soul-based thinking only to human-based thinking only. But neither of those polarity positions worked when the rug suddenly got pulled out from under me.

So I found myself in change thinking until I arrived at inclusive thinking. 

  • When I made soul more important than human, I was polarized. I did not include the human. I felt the soul was superior and the human, inferior. I excluded the value of the human experiences and conditions. 

  • When I made the human conditions of tragedy, loss, and tremendous identity change more important, I switched sides but stayed in polarity thinking. The human experience became superior and front and centre. Soul became the back-up.

Through the process of including, of engaging & embracing, of being woke and staying woke, I now live a juicy intertwined, all-connected, integrated life that has more love-filled meaning and depth than I could ever imagine. 

My experience helps women connect the dots to see the meaning and purpose in their life's journey so they too can live and breathe from this inclusive position. So they can live their juiciest, most love-filled & meaningful life.

Here's how I can help you as your outsourced soul guide:

  • I will help you gain clarity on both your soul's journey and your life's journey, showing you where the two paths separated. 

  • I will help you connect the dots from where you've been to where you are now and where your future is calling you.

  • I will help you identify the areas in your life that are ‘soul-sucking’, that are non-nurturing, that are blocking you, and guide you to bring your polarities together for a more love-filled, meaningful, and juicier life.


You deserve a juicy life. You deserve it to be love-filled.  

  • If you’re looking externally for a juicier life…

  • If you're looking externally for love to validate you…

  • If you're looking externally for meaning in your life…

You’re missing the point of inclusive thinking. It’s the mashup of living a human and soul life, simultaneously. 

I'm here to bring the juice of life, the passion and purpose and intimacy, interrelated.

Everything else is just action and doing. Going through the motions. Waiting for the weekend, the vacation, retirement. 

Let me guide you through my vision of how to do life by being present and deeply engaged in everything life offers you. Everything. 

Most people aren't listening. It’s just too much noise. And then a change of identity hits them: the loss of a loved one, the loss of a career, the loss of a marriage, the loss of age, the loss of money, the loss of idealism around their partner, their children, their marriage, the loss of potential, and on and on.

These are the identity changing moments that give you the opportunity to look at both sides. But it’s not an either/or. 

Inclusive thinking will show you how to bring both sides together so you’ll be able to step up to the life you came here to live.

For almost 30 years I have been helping women breakthrough the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that have kept them excluding greater meaning, joy, and love in their life.

My background as a transpersonal psychologist provides the psychological foundation, and my decades as a channel of Sage’s sacred guidance gives me the ability to share my gifts of clarity & perspective and hold others accountable to their inclusive whole self.

My life’s challenges cracked me wide open so I could integrate my soul and human and be of the highest service to guide others. 

The inner changes persist to this day and are being reflected in my outer life.
— Christine, Stay Woke Member