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'Messages From Your Future Self: The Time To Receive Them Is Now' is an 8-part self-study eCourse that walks you through the looking glass.

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Those who WANT to change, go willingly, kicking up their hills, looking forward to the next adventure of life.

Those who don’t want to change, those who want things to stop moving so fast, those who may even want to turn the clocks back, resist, struggle, and complain.

Change is inevitable. You can co-create how you handle and manage and even instigate change, but you will never have full and total control over it all. 


You're at a huge advantage when you can see change coming around the corner. When you can smell it in the air. When you can feel it with your spidey-senses.

Impending change belongs in the realm of the future. You, of course, live in the realm of the present.

How can you better connect the two so you can increase the clarity and understandings about the future? About YOUR future? 

By aligning with your future self! 


Your future self has an abundance of messages for you. Not just one and not just optimistic or pessimistic. Your future self can be part of a constant stream of messaging for you.

I'll show you how and I'll walk you through the process in this 8-part on demand eCourse. 

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  • Most people think the future will be what it will be and they have very little control over it.

  • A smaller percentage of people do everything they can to over control their future and strive and contrive to create it.

  • CONSCIOUS people take on the past and the future with welcoming arms. They neutralize the limiting emotional triggers in order to willing see it all in its grand landscape.

    Seeing the threads of possibility and probability activates the power of the conscious person. And with power comes choice. And with choice comes action.

The uncertain times we are all living in requires more consciousness of understanding and more soul and human-aligned awareness.

As you move from a limited fear or frozen or pattern repeat position, you want to take on your natural gifts of vision and memory and apply it to your life. 

Vision and memory are accessible states of consciousness. I know that activating these states breaks down the walls of limitations, the previous restrictions you had on your future. 

In this special eCourse, I want to 'hold your hand' and take you through multiple exercises to stretch you to those states of powerful awareness.


You have so much more control over it than you ever thought. But you must learn how to harness that control through the awareness of your relationship with your future self

Allow me to be the chaperone between you and your future self. I'll introduce you, get the conversation started, keep it going, and be there until you form the bond you are ready to form.

It's easy to write a letter to your Future Self. But that's not what this eCourse is about. 'Messages FROM Your Future Self' goes much deeper into all aspects of you in time and space. 

You are creating your future.

  • Is it by chance?

  • By accident?

  • By happenstance?

  • Or are you overly controlling and contriving of it?

    Maybe you just want to let it all happen as it happens. If that's the case, you're giving away the power you have as a conscious, soul-based being. The power to create is your gift. Not accepting the gift you were given by your soul, is squandering it.

The New Age worked in the polarities of creation. The principles taught many to accept what they could accept in their life. The principles also inspired many to 'manifest' what they wanted in their life. To will it by their human powers. 

Now we're moving into the Soul Age - the age of integration. Instead of letting whatever happen, happen, OR attempting to manifest the external toward you, the power you can tap into, is in AUTHENTIC CREATION. 

Authentic creation means owning and claiming your whole self in all its warts and glory.

Creating with the understandings of the principles of all-time, the principles of the multidimensional self, the principles of the human/soul dynamic.

In this eCourse, we'll work with these principles and tap into the POWER OF CREATION. 

Your Future Self is invited to the eCourse! 

Your Future Self knows you more intimately than you know yourself because they SEE where you've been, where you are now, where you're going. AND they want to share everything they see with you so you can create your future.


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Along with a 44-page workbook (!) you will also receive 8 Sage messages in meditation form. Just look at the titles of each message:

#1 In The Midst Of Forming
#2 Tapping Into Co-Creation
#3 Creating Empathy For Your Future Self
#4 Love Letter To Your Younger Self
#5 To See The Threads Of Your Life
#6 This Beautiful Version Of You
#7 From My Vantage Position
#8 The Hindsight Of Future Self

The process you go through in taking all 8 universal truth messages in, changes how you see yourself in the past, the future, and even now.

Perspective changing is power. Follow it up with aligned action and you're TAPPING INTO AND USING YOUR POWER. It's you as soul, as superhuman, as empowered. Ready?

The entire 8-part eCourse is available to you as soon as you register.

  • You have access to, and can download, 8 MP3 channelled messages

  • You have access to, and can download, the full transcripts of each of the 8 universal truth messages neatly comprised into a downloadable PDF workbook.

  • Each message builds on the previous, adding more truth & understanding to the course theme.

What do others say about these ecourses?


Sage has always talked about the future. And the past. And the present. They have said:

"As Sage, we have declared we are not fortune tellers, gurus, mystics. We are not here to foretell future. We are here to share with you the vantage position you are evolving to. We are here to remind you of this vantage position, for in your multidimensional state, you know it well."

Want to know what else they say about the future?

"Although you may believe that your past self, your future self, and your present self are separate, they are, in fact, infused.

The densest form of you is in present self. The future selves, the past selves, are less and less dense. This is why there are multiple versions which can occur.

We give you the symbology of an hourglass with its funnelling below and funnelling above, and the solidity in the centre. The shape of the hourglass allows you to see that the densest part in the middle is the present self.

The future and the past have a grander, wider range, even though you would believe your past is written in stone, is very solid, is done. Period. Full stop. We can tell you, it is not.  

Your past, whether we describe your past stories in this life or other lifetimes, is as your future in that there are multiple, multiple versions. Your levels of consciousness, your levels of awareness, will shift what you saw, what you did, how you responded, what happened, to the degree that you can indeed change your past.

You are doing this to a degree or another at this point in your awakening. We tell you that this point in your awakening is never a static point. It is dynamic.

As Sage, we teach teachers at the specifics they are ready to embrace. We go over and over and over the so-called material for all aspects to click into place.

For example, if you were to look at aspects of your past to judge them, judge yourself, judge the situation, feel bad about it or them, and so forth, you would be creating a future based on that judgment or experience.

As a powerful teacher, as a very powerful creator, you must see your past with the lens of grace.

At this powerful time of alignment, the potential to see your past with grace, to dearly love the versions of you, to adore the innocence that you were, are, and on many levels, will be, is essential.” 

Don't be late for your future. It won't wait forever. 

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