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'Cultivating the Depth of December' is an 8-part self-study eCourse that gets into the soul of December.

Every year I PREPARE for December. Not just for Christmas. For the whole month.

That's because the month of December really is the month of Christmas.

Previously, Sage has given messages on socializing, gifting, family, and holidays - the 4 major themes of December.

Now, of course, these subjects are not just found in December, but they are concentrated in December.

Now Sage adds another subject theme to that list. A subject which, again, is relevant all year, but specific to this time of year. I'll let Sage explain it in their words:

"In your month of December, there is a great stretch of essences from mysticism to materialism. Each being on your planet chooses where they land and operate from. Because this stretch also stretches the emotions and judgments - whether of self or of others - there is much life force energy available to cultivate a depth of meaning and purpose.

Living life on your planet in three-dimensional awareness alone does not require questioning of meaning and purpose, but rather of right and wrong - the polarity choices of judgment. You, taking in this message from us, at this time, are actively inspired, in awe of, and able to access more and more of your three-dimensional self. 

This December, with the energetics of potentiality as further support, we wish our channel to deliver to you the messages which can best cultivate the depth of this opportunity to provide meaning and purpose, at this time."

December’s priorities

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December is an out-of-the-ordinary month. Flexibility is necessary for you in order to accommodate your priorities in December. 

The messages in this eCourse are designed with that in mind. 

The titles give you a head's up of the content:

  1. The Return To Full Love

  2. A Time Of Reflecting

  3. Before Creating Consciously

  4. Your Living Pulse

  5. You Are Asking To Be Even More Conscious

  6. Movement Out Of Complacency

  7. You Are Working On Your PHD

  8. The Everyday Significance Of Everything



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The entire 8-part eCourse is available to you as soon as you register.

  • You have access to, and can download, 8 MP3 channelled messages

  • You have access to, and can download, the full transcripts of each of the 8 universal truth messages

  • Each message builds on the previous, adding more truth & understanding to the course theme.

  • The messages are yours to keep forever, to do over and over again and cultivate their many layers.


What do others say about these ecourses?


Step carefully. Speak carefully. Watch carefully. December is a time of observation, not judgment or opinion.

In December you can use all the support you can get to keep you in elevated observation of care and soul. 

This supportive December eCourse begins in the depth of meaning and feeling and soul and keeps cultivating more from the first message on. The focused theme reminds you of the need to fully recharge to full love.

Then you can share the energy of FULL LOVE with others in whatever form it takes. It's not the 'thing' or the 'words' or the 'doing action', as much as it is the energy that is your purpose in this exchange.

Feel the RETURN TO FULL LOVE experience as you take in each of the 8 messages in meditation form. You must claim the feeling. Anchoring it within. And at the same time, making it accessible for use as you go about your December days, connecting with others, establishing it as a new pattern you are putting into place.

Like conscious gentle breathing, it will become a graceful act of energy exchange.

Are you willing to UPLEVEL YOUR DECEMBER?


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