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'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING' is a 2-part online eCourse that works with you to expose & explain the mysteries of your sleeping & dreaming states of consciousness.

This eCourse focuses on the unknowing & significant areas of sleeping and dreaming. 

If you thought it was just about sleeping more, getting better sleep, and maybe googling the strange imagery of your dreams, you are in for a HUGE REVELATION!

The understanding of the purpose and value of sleeping is so much more than you think. It's mind-bending. AND the greater understanding of the purpose and value of dreaming - off the charts. 


In this eCourse you will learn more about your sleeping and dreaming habits than you ever suspected. You'll wake up your sleeping self. ;)

In almost 4 hours of channelled sacred messaging Sage demystifies everything you thought you knew about sleeping, about dreaming, and even about awakening.

We all have an unconscious relationship with sleeping and dreaming. We know we need to sleep, so we do. But are we getting the most from it? We suspect our dreams are important but do we forget them?


it's not about how much sleep you get - 


It's not about how much sleep you get. Or how dark the room is. Or remembering the details of your latest dream. There's SO MUCH MORE to sleeping and dreaming than that.

These channelled messages are more than dream interpretation and sleep recommendations. They are the demystification of all you've been told and believed was true!

Once you feel your way through the whole truth about sleeping & dreaming, you will change the way you live in the expansive Soul Age. And that will change everything.




The first part of this 16-part eCourse is available to you as soon as you register.

  • You have access to, and can download, 9 MP3 channelled messages

  • You have access to, and can download, the full transcripts of each of the 8 universal truth messages.

  • Each message builds on the previous, adding more truth & understanding to the course theme.



Everyone wants to make sense of their dreams and understand the best sleep formula for them. In these times of uncertainty, sleeping, dreaming, and waking are foundational to understanding ourselves as human beings.

  • This eCourse is for those who know they need to up their knowledge & understanding of their understandings of sleeping and dreaming so they can lead a more integrated life for self and others.

  • This eCourse is for those who want to seriously activate more true and lasting understanding for themselves as to the depth and purpose of sleeping and dreaming.

  • This eCourse is for those who are ready to commit deeper to living the life they came here to live.


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  • Do you get the 'right kind' of sleep?

  • Do you know what that is?

  • Have you always been curious about your dreams?

  • Do you understand the purpose of dreaming?

  • Do you wake up tired most mornings?

  • Is falling asleep difficult for you?

  • Is sleeping at the bottom of your to-do list?

  • Do you wish you could sleep more?

  • Have you started napping?

  • Do you have reoccurring dreams?

  • Are you wondering how many hours you really need to sleep?

  • Do you avoid or escape through sleeping?

  • Do you fall asleep before your head hits the pillow?

  • Do you remember any of your dreams?


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