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"We are being asked..."


What is this Self-Guided Program?


'We Are Being Asked: Evolutionary Guidance for Today's Questions' is a 4-week program that answers the most significant questions being asked today.

The questions are forming every day. They are questions ABOUT.

Unlike questions that give away your power of knowingness, your power of intuition, these questions are asking Sage to speak ABOUT specific topics. I expect people are reorganizing what's real, what's true, what's important, right now.

A few months ago the course I offered was all about REFORMING. It spoke to the choices we can make today that will change tomorrow. If you were asking, "What should I do?", this course offered the choices and the repercussions of each choice you could make. Think big. (BTW, if you want to take that course, it's on-demand and online here.)

After REFORMING, the next course focus was all about what's real. People were asking about the validity and reality of things outside the proven, measurable facts. Again, think BIG. If you want to take that course, it's also on-demand and online here.

What I'm hearing now is the need to bring through a course that will answer question after question not on a specific theme or focus but questions ABOUT a variety of topics.

Know what I mean?

you can ask anyone questions & answers


You can ask an authority, an expert, someone who's similar to you, someone who's the opposite of you, someone older, someone younger.

Asking the same questions to different people will, of course, give you different answers. So...isn't that just different perspectives, then? 

When you ask a question, are you looking for a perspective, or are you looking for the truth?


  • THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH is the most expansive perspective. It takes into account the full history of the question without prejudice, limitation, or projection. 
  • THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH looks at more than just the human perspective. It takes into account the soul AND the human realities.


Bringing through the universal truth from Sage has always given me the biggest understandings and the deepest explanations. Now Sage wants to answer individual questions about:

  • Ethics
  • Behaviours
  • Consequences
  • Technology
  • Spirituality
  • Society
  • Humanity
  • Individuality

Sage calls these "today's questions" and they want to give us the universal truth answers - 12 of them to be exact. 

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How Does This Program Work?

The program is released in bi-weekly modules (twice a week) directly into your inbox every Monday and Wednesday morning for 8 weeks. 

  • Each module contains a 13+minute mp3 of a channelled message on an aspect of sleeping, dreaming, and awakening, enveloped in meditation music. You can take in the mp3 as a meditation or listen to it as a channelled message.
  • Each module also contains a full transcript of the sacred message for clarity and illumination.
  • Each module is downloadable by you so you can go over it again and again in your own time. All 16 modules are yours to keep forever.

Who is this program for?

Everyone wants more clarity about their dreams and the nature of sleeping and dreaming. What's the purpose of sleep? The purpose of dreams? 


This program is for those who know they need to up their knowledge & understanding of sleeping & dreaming so they can lead a more integrated life.

This program is for those who want to seriously activate even more truth about sleeping & dreaming as they align with the evolutionary energetics at this time. 

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This program is for those who are ready to commit deeper to activating a clearer understanding of sleeping & dreaming from this month onward.

What do others say about these programs?

Who is Jonni+Sage?

I'm Jonni Gray and I'm passionate about leading the change we are being called to make by the planet and the universe.

For almost 30 years I have been helping my clients breakthrough mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers to experience greater peace, joy, and love in this lifetime.

My background as a transpersonal psychologist provides the psychological foundation, and my years as a channel of Sage's sacred guidance gives me the ability to share my gifts of clarity & perspective, and hold my clients accountable to their highest soul version of self.

Sage (Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment) came to me at a time when I was going through intense challenges. They gifted me with spiritual guidance for myself and others.

Having personally experienced many life changes including the loss of loved family members and my only son, I was, and am, extremely humbled and grateful, and continue to see the connections between life's disruptions and the potential gifts.

My life challenges cracked me wide open, allowing me to be of the highest service to guide others. Integrating my work with sacred guidance allows me to live and serve with soul.

What I know for sure is that life gives us challenges, and if we are willing to see the gifts of life no matter the situation, we can find meaning and purpose on our journey. We are not alone. We have a guidance available at all times.

Together, you & I can elevate & evolve your identity, relationships, work, beliefs, patterns, grief, etc. 


You've got enough on your plate in the first week of September - with kids going back to school, more traffic on the road, settling into a new routine, and mourning the end of summer.

So I wanted to offer you the first week of the September Course free. My gift to you.

Unlike most courses which have 2 Sacred Messages from Sage each week for 4 weeks, September's focused them gives you THREE Sacred Messages from Sage each week for 4 weeks.

That means instead of 8 Universal Truth Q&As in September, you'll get 12. Apparently, there's A LOT of questions that need to be answered for us all!

Universal Truth titles in the first FREE week are:

  • "We Are Being Asked About Beliefs..."
  • "We Are Being Asked About Emotions..."
  • "We Are Being Asked About Hormones..."

Big themes. Big questions. And Sage delivers the Universal Truth on each of them.

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Registration is now open

'We Are Being Asked: Evolutionary Guidance for Today's Questions', begins Monday, September 3rd and runs through September 28th. It's a 4-week program that works with you to expose & explain the mysteries of your sleeping & dreaming states of consciousness.

Core Program

4 weeks · 12 modules of sacred messages · $266+tax

Or 2 equal payments of $135+tax spaced one month apart

Premium Program

4 weeks · 12 modules of sacred messages · 15-minute one-on-one private phone call to discuss your particular needs · $333+tax

Or 2 equal payments of $170+tax spaced one month apart

Registration closes Saturday, September 1st at midnight PST.

Do you have questions about WHY this course and WHY now?

1. What if I don’t have the time to do the program in the 8 weeks?

Sage keeps telling us that is shrinking. It's condensing. Even spending some time doing this program is valuable. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It's about focused intention on participating with the energetics and source wisdom of Sage.

Having said that, this program is 8 weeks x 2 modules a week. If you spend less than 20 minutes a module, that's just over 5 hours spread out over 12 months. Very doable.

2. What if I can’t do the course work on time, and fall behind?

It’s not about being stressed with your commitment to the energetics of your soul and universal spirit. It’s about honouring the sacredness of all that you are. There is no judgement of how you participate or to what level. That's why this is a self-guided program. It’s that you are consciously choosing to give yourself the spaces and moments of time to connect to your soul self, and bask in the energetics of Sage and the wisdom of the ages that can be applied to your every day life now.

3. What if I am too busy?

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That’s okay. Again, the beauty of this program is that it is available in the timed formats AND all modules are yours to keep forever so you have complete access after the program timing structure is completed.

Time is amorphous yet you can feel the pressure of it. That’s earthly reality! AND we also know the boundless gifts of CREATING more time and space when we connect to our ‘timeless’ resource of soul and universal spirit.

So my commitment to YOU is to honour this time with you. To help you create more time and space in order to live from the expansiveness of your soul on a more and more frequent basis.

Please join Sage and I in connecting to this full-on myth-busting program so YOU can realize the whole truth you know you're ready for.

Registration is now open

'Sleeping, Dreaming, AWAKENING', begins Monday, July 2nd and runs through August 22nd. It's an 8-week program that works with you to expose & explain the mysteries of your sleeping & dreaming states of consciousness.

Core Program

8 weeks · 16 modules of sacred messages · $266+tax

Or 2 equal payments of $135+tax spaced one month apart

Premium Program

8 weeks · 16 modules of sacred messages · 15-minute one-on-one private phone call to discuss your particular needs · $333+tax

Or 2 equal payments of $170+tax spaced one month apart

Registration closes Saturday, June 30th at midnight PST.