You can either step forward into growth or backward into safety.
— Abraham Maslow
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If you are the independent type, you are self-motivated, and you are able to stay on track and be self accountable, then self-study is for you. And it’s FREE.

In addition to being your Evolutionary Guide, I am a trained psychotherapist & soul coach who aligns with sacred guidance through my work with Sage (read more here).

This universal truth comes through me in messages that are offered in themed focused courses every single month. The theme is based on the current energetics so it works with elevating your awareness and knowledge of both the subject matter and your life.

As humans, we mostly subscribe to the earthly reality. And if you're still reading this, it's because YOU subscribe to the spiritual, the soulful, the greater reality - as well.

In the New Age, spiritual understandings gave us much to consider, but not a lot of tools to integrate them into our earthly lives. In the Soul Age, we're ALL ABOUT THE INTEGRATION. The focus is on living a life with multidimensional awareness, expanded perception, universal responsibility.

It's about living more than a self-serving only life. It's about making conscious choices for all of life - yours and everyone else's. We're in this together. We are a collective.

Seasonal 21-Day Commitments

Each season I offer you the opportunity to take on a channelled 21-Day Commitment. It’s a commitment to the energetics of your soul and universal spirit.

The 21-Day Commitment is about honouring the sacredness of all that you are. There is no judgement of how you participate or to what level. Simply choose to give yourself the space and moments of time to connect to your soul, and bask in the energetics of Sage and the universal truth that can be applied to your every day life now.

You have access to, and can download, all the MP3 channelled messages. You have access to, and can download, the full transcripts of each of the universal truth messages. Each message builds on the previous, adding more truth & understanding to the course theme.

The 21-Day Commitments

Spring 2019 • Summer 2019 • Fall 2019