Guiding Women to their JUICIEST, most LOVE-FILLED & MEANINGFUL Life


Lucky you.

You’re on the planet at this time in history because everything that HAS happened and IS happening, is on divine purpose.  

You’re feeling the call to play bigger, live larger, create more joy, more love, and embrace everything life has to offer.

You’re seeking insights into the patterns of your life to find ways to live with more meaning, more depth, and more love. 

The women who are attracted to my work are those who want more ease, more flow, and a deeper connection with themselves and others. 

Women who are seeking insights into how to turn their life circumstances into life’s gifts.

What’s your story? 

  • Have you lost a loved one and need to find meaning in your grief and loss?

  • Are you struggling in your significant relationship, trying to understand the deeper meaning behind why you are together?

  • Do you find yourself juggling life as a parent, trying to be more present, calm, and purposeful with your children?

  • Are you dealing with the stresses of life: work, kids, aging, parents, and health?

  • Is your focus on looking for purpose, meaning, and joy in your life?

  • Are you trying to understand it all - why you are here, what you are here for, and what’s next?

Your story is what makes you lucky. It’s filled with purpose and meaning and all the clues you need to understand it.

I work with women just like you who are ready to see their story in the context of their whole life. They’re ready to create their juiciest, most love-filled and meaningful life.

Let’s get started. Let’s get woke.

Jonni takes you by the hand and ever so gently nudges you to look under rocks at things you have kept hidden from yourself.
— Peta Maione, Private Woke Sessions & Stay Woke Membership (11).jpg

Hi, I’m Jonni

Transpersonal psychologist, channeller, author, and YOUR outsourced soul guide. <3

I guide women to their juiciest, most love-filled & meaningful life by connecting their inner knowing with their outer reality.

I help them connect their soul self to their human self for integration of their whole self.

I work with women who want to get woke and stay woke. (WOKE: to become aware, present, engaged & connected to your knowing self. Inclusive thinking.)


There are 3 ways we can work together

Private Woke Sessions long.jpg

Private Woke Sessions

If you want to break through in any area of your life in order to create a more meaningful and satisfying future, you’ll want to understand how to include all aspects of your whole life. One-on-one support and guidance will wake you up to the life you came here to life. The one-on-one Private Woke Sessions meet you where you are now and work with you to bring the polarities of your challenges and dreams, together.

Get Woke Weekly long.jpg

Get Woke Weekly

Not sure where to begin? Start here. Retreats are great. But your life is not a retreat. And it sure isn’t a vacation. Your life is real and ongoing and busy. I get it! AND if you’re reading this it’s because you also feel you MUST include more of your whole self in your daily life. Otherwise you’re swimming upstream, longing for ‘me time’.

Stay Woke Membership long.jpg

Stay Woke Membership

If you’ve been ‘getting woke’ or have had Private Woke Sessions, you’ll recognize the value of consistency and commitment to yourself. Now you want to Stay Woke. You want the juicy cultivation & integration of both your everyday life AND your spiritual awareness so you don’t have to choose one over the other. And you’ll be held & supported by myself and a group of women all on the same path. (16).jpg
I really don’t know how Jonni does it. It’s more than sharing information and insight. She helped me truly see myself and understand the big picture of it all.
— Chris, Private Woke Sessions (9).jpg