Lucky you.

You were born at a time when the planet is shifting from polarity thinking to inclusive thinking.


So instead of excluding, judging, limiting, and keeping yourself small, anxious, and less-than because of it, now you can embrace the inclusiveness of all of life with all its gifts & offerings.

THE WOMEN who are attracted to this work are those who desire to be the best version of themselves.

Women who are ready to fully integrate their whole self - body, mind, spirit, & soul - rather than continue to live out of step because of their struggles or change of identity. 

  • Maybe you lost a loved one. 

  • Maybe you struggle in your partnership or with the expectations you have for your children. 

  • Maybe you haven’t found a pace of life that brings you joy.  

  • Maybe you keep asking what your purpose is.

    These are all signs you are polarizing your life rather than understanding how to make it inclusive. 

Jonni takes you by the hand and ever so gently nudges you to look under rocks at things you have kept hidden from yourself.
— Pet Maione, Stay Woke Member
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About Jonni


Hi, I’m Jonni

Transpersonal psychologist, channeller, author, and outsourced soul guide, connecting your inner knowing with your outer reality.

I guide women to their juiciest, most love-filled & meaningful life.

Women who want to get woke and stay woke.

On my personal journey, I found that the more inclusive I was in my life, the more love-filled my life became. (16).jpg

There are 3 ways we can work together:

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Retreats are great. But your life is not a retreat. Nor is it a vacation. Your life is real and ongoing and busy. I get it. AND it’s time to INCLUDE more of your whole self into your daily life. Otherwise you’re swimming upstream. In Get Woke Weekly, I’ll guide you inch by inch, week by week, to a juicier understanding & integration of both your everyday life AND your spiritual awareness, so you don’t have to choose one over the other. 

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If you want greater clarity about what you are excluding in your life so you can create a more meaningful and satisfying future, then one-on-one support and guidance will wake you up to the life you came here to life. The one-on-one Private Woke Sessions meet you where you are now and work with you to bring the polarities of your challenges and dreams, together.    

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If you have been on the spiritual path for a while and have started and stopped spiritual programs, books, and practices, it’s not your fault. That start and stop approach is because you were choosing one over the other instead of including spirit & soul into your everyday life. Life is busy. I get it. So in the Stay Woke Membership, I’ll guide you to the juicy integration of both your everyday life AND your spiritual awareness so you don’t have to choose one over the other.  

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